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The Many Benefits of Playing Games
The Many Benefits of Playing Games


Today, games come in all shapes and sizes. There are, of course, the traditional board and card games that have been enjoyed for centuries, yet nowadays many people prefer more modern options including the AAA video games available for consoles, and the casual titles available on smartphones. On top of this, online casinos offer up thousands of different gaming options with a mix of retro table games and a myriad of modern video slots. Many casino brands actually go further too by offering bonuses to their customers that let them play these games for free. 

The result of these promotions and all of this choice is that more and more of us are taking up gaming as a hobby. In fact, according to recent estimates, there are now nearly 3.5 billion people in the world playing games of some sort. 

Most people take up this hobby for fun, but they often overlook the many benefits that can be realized from playing games, both alone and with others. While the list of ways that you can better yourself through gaming is long, here are the most common.


Reaction Times

Many games require you to think and act fast. A classic game of snap is a great example of this as if you can swoop in first when two of the same card are placed down.

Many video games also require fast reaction times if you want to perform well. For instance, in first-person shooters like CS:GO or Call of Duty, you and an opponent may both see each other at the same time. In this case, the player with the faster reactions will be in a better position to survive the encounter.

Having faster reflexes can be useful outside of gaming too. When driving, being able to react faster can reduce your stopping distance, something that could prevent an accident. They can also help when playing sports, particularly fast-paced ones like tennis and squash. 



While there are plenty of single-player games that you can enjoy on your own, there are also many that you can play with your friends. Traditional board and card games are a prime candidate for social gatherings as you can host a game night where you all come together around the table to play, chat, and enjoy some drinks and snacks. 

The Many Benefits of Playing Games


Video games can also be social too. Online multiplayer modes let you join a lobby with your friends or make new ones by competing against complete strangers. Most games include a chat feature where you can either use a headset to talk or a keyboard to type messages to other players. 

Socializing is great for your general mental well-being, especially when you combine it with an activity that you enjoy. 


Hand-Eye Coordination

Having a strong hand-eye coordination can help with all sorts of everyday activities. It can make driving, cooking, knitting, writing, and exercising easier and more rewarding and enjoyable. 

There are plenty of things you can do to improve your hand-eye coordination, including practicing many of the activities listed above. Even simple things like throwing a ball and catching it can make a big difference. 

But playing games can also be very helpful in this regard. Video games often require the close teamwork of your eyes and your hands, since you need your fingers and thumbs to control the keyboard or controller so that your character does what you need. 

In shooting games, it can help to improve your aim, which can increase the number of opponents you take out, and even minimize the amount of ammunition that you waste. 

Similarly, in racing games, accurate hand-eye coordination will help you be more accurate with your racing line. This is the hypothetical fastest route between the various corners of a lap. Better accuracy at sticking to this line should improve your lap times and help you to overtake your opponents more easily. 

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