How Did Meatloaf Get His Name? Following the recent death news of Meat Loaf AKA Michael Lee Aday trending on the internet, fans are digging deep to know more about the Singer, hence are curious to know how came about his music stage name ” Meatloaf”  Stay tuned for the details.

How Did Meatloaf Get His Name? Meet His Children And Wives

Meat Loaf was a singer and actor from the United States. While he was still alive, Loaf has sold over 65 million albums in the United States. His first album continues to sell an estimated 200,000 copies per year even after four decades.

Due to his top-notch music, his songs remained on the charts for over nine years, making it one of the best-selling albums of all time. Aside from that, Loaf rose to prominence due to his powerful, versatile voice.

Furthermore, Meat was recognized and adored by fans all over the world, and he performed on over 30 tours. Jim Steinman’s debut album Bat Out of Hell, released in 1977, is one of the best-selling albums in history.


How Did Meatloaf Get His Name?

Wikipedia report has it that The Late Singer Michael Lee Aday formed his first band, “Meat Loaf Soul”, after a nickname coined by his football coach because of his weight in the early days of his career In Los Angeles.

Still, on how he got his band name, a second source said The Dallas-born singer got his nickname after his father said he was as red as meat at birth before a high school football coach added the “loaf.”


How Did Meatloaf Get His Name: Meet His Children, First Wife And Second Wife

Michael Lee Aday married two wives and had two children, both girls.

Leslie G. Edmond, his first wife, works as a secretary at Bearsville Studios. They married one month after meeting in Woodstock, New York.



Later, the couple divorced and got separated. In 2007, Michael married Deborah Gillespie and was together until his death.

Deborah is the lady who stands aside by Michael at his death. 

About Meat Loaf AKA Michael Lee Aday Daughters 

As earlier mentioned, Meatloaf AKA Michael Lee Aday is a father of two beautiful daughters named Pearl and Amanda Aday.

Pearl was born in 1975, so her age is 47 now, while Amanda Aday was born on January 21, 1981, making her age 41. Besides, Pearl was born to Leslie G. Edmonds and an anonymous father.

And Pearl was adopted by Meat Loaf as a young child after his marriage to Leslie. Her biological dad was a drummer in singer Janis Joplin’s group, Full Tilt Boogie Band.

Furthermore, we can also find both Pearl and Amanda on the official page of Wikipedia, where we can explore more details about them. 


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