Peter Fury is related to the British boxer Tyson Fury as his uncle by relationship while his brother is Tyson’s father.

How Is Peter Fury Related To Tyson Fury? Family Connection Explored

Peter Fury is the father of the professional boxing player Hughie Fury. He has even helped his son with training and helped him win 25 of his 28 fights.

Peter has been working as a trainer, and he had trained Savannah Marshall to her victory over the Femke Hermans. Savannah thanked him for his coaching and guidance that helped her to win the World Middleweight title for the second time.


Peter Fury And Tyson Fury are related through blood relations as his brother is John Fury. John Is the father of Tyson and thus Peter is his uncle by familial bonds.

So, Tyson is his nephew, and he has also helped Tyson in his journey to be a great boxer.

Similarly, Peter had a notorious past as he was involved in underworld activities. He was arrested in 1995 for possession and intent to supply, and again he was charged for money laundering in 2008.


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Peter got sentenced to ten years for his criminal activities, and now he has left all those activities and is focused on training his son and nephew, Tyson, or other boxers.

He paid nearly a million quid to the Government for his crimes and is clear of any underworld activities. He shares that training his son, nephew, and another boxer has been a new journey in his life.

Peter Fury’s Son Hughie And Tyson Are Cousins Brothers- Family Tree Explored

Peter Fury’s Son Hughie Fury and Tyson Fury are causing brothers, and their family tree reveals other family bonds present in their life.

Their family tree reveals that the boxing has been running around in their family. Peter’s brother John was also into boxing, and now their sons have followed in the same footsteps.

Tommy Fury is another son of John Furry, and he has three half-siblings, one sibling, and two cousins. His half-sibling is Tyson, John Jr., and Shane Fury, while his brother is Roman Fury, and his cousin is Hughie and Andy.

How Rich Is Peter Fury? Net Worth Explored

The net worth of Peter Fury is not available at the moment, but the net worth of his son Hughie is estimated to be in the millions. 

The average income of a boxer trainer is estimated to be about $54,846. So, Peter is earning well from his profession.

Peter is active on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. He is active on Instagram as @peterfury and has 24.1k followers.

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