Hot flushes can be the bane of a menopausal woman’s life at the best of times, but they are often also worse in the summer when the days are long and hot. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to keep yourself cool and minimise the severity of your hot flushes and night sweats this summer. chatted to Dr Deborah Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy to find out how to deal with hot flushes in hot weather.

The UK currently experiences temperatures above 30C and everyone’s struggling to handle the heat, especially menopausal women.

Some medical studies confirm this to be the case, during the day and at night.

Dr Lee said: “In the summer months, there are longer periods of daylight and relatively less production of the sleep hormone, melatonin.

“Not only can hot flushes increase during the daytime, but there is often an increase in night sweats, associated with increasingly poor sleep.

“The natural Circadian rhythms, affecting body temperature control, also tend to deteriorate with age.”

If you are a menopausal woman and are suffering right now from an increase in hot flushes and night sweats, here are 10 top tips to help you.

Keep cool

It’s very difficult to cool your body down in a heatwave, but the trick is to try and avoid overheating.

Dr Lee said: “Stay out of the hot sun. Keep indoors or sit in the shade.

“Keep your head covered with a wide-brimmed hat and protect your eyes with proper sunglasses.”

Drink up

It’s common knowledge that you need to stay hydrated in the hot weather, especially if you’re menopausal.

Dr Lee said: “Make sure you stay well-hydrated with plenty of cold water.
“Avoid hot drinks and drinks containing caffeine.

“Both alcohol and cigarettes can trigger hot flushes, so also avoid these in the sun.”


Use a fan if you want to prevent and calm down hot flushes.

Dr Lee said: “Find a fan, place it near where you are working, and put a bowl of ice underneath it.

“This will create clouds of ice-cold water vapour to cool the room and keep you cool too.”


At night, sleep in plain cotton sheets – no synthetic fabrics.

Dr Lee said: “Why not try a cold gel pillow? You should also try putting one under your feet.

“In addition, you could fill a hot water bottle with cold water and freeze it, then take this to bed with you.

“Overnight, you will only need to cover yourself with a single sheet, or nothing at all.”


Have you thought about HRT? HRT is the best way to stop hot flushes and night sweats.

Dr Lee said: “Nothing else is as effective. Maybe now is a good time to speak to your doctor.

“Try not to be anxious about HRT- after all the negative publicity in recent years, attitudes have changed considerably and there are many health benefits from taking it.

“If you are suffering – see your doctor and find out more.”

Post source Daily Express

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