Is Bruce Reinhart A Democrat By Political Affiliation?  Bruce Reinhart was sworn in as a United States Magistrate Judge for the Southern District of Florida on March 14, 2018. Some on Twitter and other social media platforms have accused him of being a Democrat ever since he gave his approval for Donald Trump’s FBI raid.

He left the local U.S. Attorney’s office more than ten years ago to start a private firm and help staff members, like his pilots and co-accused scheduler.

He was accused of breaking Justice Department rules by using information from a previous job for his own benefit, a charge he vehemently denied.

Is Bruce Reinhart A Democrat By Political Affiliation? Learn About Approved Donald Trump's FBI Raid

Is Bruce Reinhart A Democrat By Political Affiliation?

By claiming that Bruce Reinhart contributed to Barack Obama’s campaign and that he has a history with that political party, Twitter users spread the rumor that he is a Democrat.

He spent ten years in private practice as a sole practitioner and the co-chair of a sizable firm’s white-collar crime practice group before joining the bench. He specialized in complex civil litigation and white-collar criminal defense.

He served as an assistant US attorney in West Palm Beach from 1996 to 2008. He worked as a trial lawyer for the Public Integrity Section of the US Department of Justice. After being accepted into the organization through the Attorney General’s Honors Program, she served in the Department of Justice from 1988 to 1996.

He began his legal career as Norma L. Shapiro’s law clerk on the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Judge Reinhart earned honors degrees in both civil engineering and law from Princeton University in 1984 and 1987, respectively.

Judge Bruce Reinhart Approved Donald Trump’s FBI Raid

According to Newyork post, Bruce Reinhart approved the FBI’s search warrant, allowing them to enter the Florida house early yesterday.

Agents had already made two requests to the federal magistrate in West Palm Beach before the search. The judges who make up the office are William Matthewman, Ryon McCabe, Reinhart, who was given the cases, and the other two.

Trump is not identified as the intended target in either of the two warrant applications that were submitted to the system on Monday. Reinhart appointed a magistrate judge four years ago after spending ten years in the private sector working with Epstein’s staff.

He backed two of the pedophile billionaire’s pilots, scheduler Sarah Kellen and “Yugoslavian sex slave” Nadia Marcinkova. On January 1st of 2008, he left his position as US Attorney for South Florida and came back the next day with the staff.

Bruce Reinhart linked to Jeffrey Epstein

The Florida federal magistrate judge who authorized the search warrant that permitted the FBI to raid the Mar-a-Lago resort owned by former President Donald Trump left the regional U.S. Attorney’s office more than ten years ago to defend the staff of convicted child molester Jeffrey Epstein who had been granted immunity in the protracted sex-trafficking investigation of the financier.

In what President Trump called an unannounced raid on my property, sources told The Post that Judge Bruce Reinhart granted the warrant that allowed federal investigators to swarm the opulent South Florida residence on Monday.

Kellen and Marcinkova were among Epstein’s lieutenants who received immunity in a contentious agreement with federal authorities in 2007. The pervert was able to plead guilty to state charges rather than federal ones as a result. After only 13 months in the county jail, Epstein was granted work release.

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