Chad Knaus earns a salary of $492,465 as Vice president of Hendrick Motorsports. His wife, Brooke Werner, pockets a salary almost half of that as Host on Marilyn’s Model and Talent Management.

Knaus was born to his parents Anthony John Knaus and Connie Knaus in Rockford, U.S. He has two stepsisters and a stepbrother as his siblings.

Chad grew up with his father John who won seven track championships at Rockford speedway. He served as a crew chief during the time of his father’s Rockford Speedway at age 14.

The duo also stood second in the NASCAR Winston Racing Series and won the Great Northern Series championship.

Chad worked as a crew chief in NASCAR for 19 years. Thus, he is appraised as one of the greatest NASCAR crew chiefs of all time. As of now, Knaus works at Hendrick Motorsports as the Vice President of Competition.

Name:Chad Anthony Knaus
Date Of Birth:August 5, 1971
Birthplace:Rockford, lllinois, USA
Parents:John Knaus
Education:Jefferson High School
Age:52 years old
Height:5 ft 11 in/ 181 cm
Weight:82 kg
Spouse:Brooke Werner
Children:Kipling, Vivienie
Net worth:$5 million

Chad Knaus Salary Comparison With Wife Brooke Werner

As Vice president of Hendrick Motorsports, Chad Knaus earns a salary of $492,465.

On the other hand, his wife Brooke Werner takes home a salary in the range of $50,658 and $213,814, as the Host or Emcee on Marilyn’s Model and Talent Management.

$50,658 and $213,814 is the lowest and the highest salary paid by the management according to Salary.

Brooke helps her client reach target audiences as the spokesperson for the company. It has almost been ten years since she started working at Marlyn’s Model and Talent Management.

As per the reports in 2022, Chad Knaus has an amassing net worth of $5 million. Chad earned a base salary of $110,472.96 from 2008 to 2010.

Brooke Werner is also a former Sprint girl. It is not known how much she was paid.

However, according to former Miss Sprint Cup Monica Palumbo, the “pay and perks are very good.” “It’s allowed me pay my mortgage and not have to worry too bad.”

Chad Knaus Wife Brooke Werner Is 2009 Miss Vermont USA

Chad Knaus tied the knot with his wife, Brooke Werner, in August 2015. His wife is a 2009 Miss Vermont USA and a former Sprint Cup girl.

Brooke was 22 when she won the title of Miss Vermont USA. She graduated from Champlain College with a degree in Public Relations.

As of now, Brooke works as a Host, Emcee, Print, and on-camera talent on  Marlyn’s Model and Talent Management. Before that, she worked at Miss Sprint Cup for a year and three months.

From October 2009 to January 2013, Werner worked as a Public Relations Accounts Associate at FUSE in Burlington, Vermont. Brooke also started working as a part-time volunteer at Hands on Charlotte in January 2014. She actively works here till now.

Apart from her work, Brooke likes to learn new recipes, do paddle boarding, paint, or ski. She also likes to spend quality time in the library.

Chad Knaus And Brooke Werner Are Parents To Two Kids

Chad Knaus and Brooke Werner are parents to two kids, a son and a daughter. They have a nuclear family of including four members.

Brooke’s eldest child, son Kipling Knaus, was born on August 8, 2018. He is four years old now. Similarly, after two years, on July 30, 2020, the couple welcomed their daughter, Vivienne Mae Knaus.

The couple, with their kids, currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. Both love their kids and often post photos of them on their social media handles.

The family is a happy family and often celebrates festivals like Halloween, where the couple and their kids get dressed up as scary ghosts.

The family is often seen on vacation trips and living a comfortable lifestyle. Brooke and her kids even celebrate their dad’s victory together.

Some FAQs

Who is Chad Knaus’s wife?

Chad Knaus’s wife Brooke Werner is a former Miss Vermont USA in 2009.

What is Chad Knaus’s net worth?

As per the reports, Chad’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

How many kids does Chad and Brooke have?

The couple has two children. A son and a daughter.

What is the name of Chad Knaus’s daughter?

Chad’s daughter is named Vivienne Mae Knaus.Home Page

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