Who Is Katie Archibald Boyfriend Or Husband? Rab Wardell, Katie Archibald’s rumored boyfriend, died at the age of 37.

Katie Archibald Boyfriend Or Husband: Is She Married Or Dating Rab Wardell?

Wardell was a professional mountain biker who won the elite men’s title at the Scottish MTB XC Championships. He died in his sleep only two days after winning the competition.

His heartbroken fans have begun to pay tribute to him after learning of his death. Meanwhile, several rumors about the cyclist have surfaced on the internet, attempting to recall the champion.

Similarly, the cyclist was rumored to be in a romantic relationship with Katie Archibald. Let’s see how much truth there is in the rumors.


Katie Archibald Boyfriend Or Husband: Is She Married Or Dating Rab Wardell?

Rab Wardell and Katie Archibald were rumored to be in a romantic relationship, with the cyclist serving as her reported boyfriend. However, none of the rumors have been confirmed.

Furthermore, rumors have circulated that Rab is Katie’s husband. Nonetheless, none of the well-known figures has clarified their relationship.

Wardell also frequently shared photos of those two having fun. Most of his followers believe they are close friends, while others believe they are dating.

Regardless of the rumors, many of Katie’s fans believe that she is single for now. As an elite Scottish and British racing cyclist, no wonder she often gets targetted for the rumors.

Sadly, Wardell passed away, leaving behind his loved ones. With his death announcement, Katie tributed him to the cyclist on Twitter, “I think you’ve heard that Rab died yesterday morning.”

“I still don’t understand what happened; if this is true, why would he be taken now, when he’s so healthy and happy?”

“While we were in bed, he went into cardiac arrest. I tried everything, and the paramedics arrived within minutes, but his heart stopped and they couldn’t save him. Mine ended there.”

“I adore him and require his presence in my life. I desperately need him here, but he’s gone. This pain is indescribable.”

“Thank you to everyone who has paid tribute. I can’t bring myself to speak about him in the past tense.”

“Rab, you mean everything to me. I adore you.”

Rab Wardell Partner & Dating Life

Archibald, Rab Wardell’s partner, recently revealed her attempt to save him the night he died.

Although they have not confirmed their relationship to date, there has been speculation that the elite cyclists were dating. Furthermore, there are no records of Rab’s previous life.

Wardell appears to be more concerned with his career than with his romantic love life. He does, however, appear to have chemistry with Katie, his alleged girlfriend.

He was with Archibald when he breathed his last. Katie is currently distraught and heartbroken as a result of his death.

Cyclist Rab Wardell Tragic Death

Rab Wardell’s tragic death brought tears to the eyes of his loved ones. He died two days after winning the Scottish championship at the age of 37.

Wardell died peacefully in his sleep. Katie recently revealed that he died of a cardiac arrest while they were “lying together in bed.”

Unfortunately, he did not awaken after falling asleep, despite the paramedics’ efforts to bring him back.

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