A girl with a 5kg Wilms’ tumor is saved by doctors in Hyderabad. To learn more about the causes and symptoms of this type of kidney cancer in children read to the end.

Kidney Cancer In Children:  5 Kg Wilm’s Tumour Was Operated Out From A 5-Yr-Old Somali Girl: Signs To Watch Out For

In Hyderabad, a 5-year-old Somali boy who was suffering from Wilm’s tumor, a very uncommon type of kidney cancer, finds a new home. After an 8-hour complex surgery, the tumor weighing roughly 5 kg was successfully removed thanks to physicians from Yashoda Hospitals.

When Faduma, the patient, was brought to the hospital in Hyderabad, her abdomen was completely inflated, with a bulk of roughly 30x30x30 cm. The child was frail and malnourished. Wilms’ tumor, a rare kidney cancer that mostly affects children, was discovered after an examination. Chemotherapy and surgery were administered by a team of oncologists at Yashoda Hospitals.

Faduma was brought in for diagnosis at the right time, according to Dr. Sachin Marda, a Senior Surgical Oncologist and Robotic Surgeon. “She was in a critical stage and could have lost her life at any moment,” he added.

The doctor went on to say, “It was critical that the patient receive chemotherapy and surgery as soon as possible. It was a difficult case to totally remove the tumor using multiviscreal resection while also maintaining key abdominal tissues, especially in a 5-year-old young child.”

Following the operation, the patient received thorough rehabilitative care, which aided her recovery from the big procedure. The patient made a full recovery and was discharged on November 24th, according to the hospital.

Kidney Cancer In Children – Wilm’s tumour: Causes and Symptoms

Wilm’s tumour, also known as nephroblastoma, is the most frequent kind of kidney cancer in children. It usually affects youngsters between the ages of three and four. Usually, the tumor affects just one kidney, but it can sometimes affect both.

What is the cause of Wilm’s tumor? “Wilm’s tumor is caused by a variety of factors in the paediatric age range. They are sometimes linked to one another genetically “Dr. Marda stated.

Symptoms of Wilms’ tumor in children include an abdominal mass, bloating in the stomach, weight loss, and occasionally blood in the urine.

Occurrence of Wilm’s tumour in Indian children

According to Dr. Marda, the incidence of Wilm’s tumor is extremely low in India, with a rate of less than 0.1 percent and a very low fatality rate.

According to him, “When cancer is identified in its early stages, such as stage I or II, the survival percentage is very high. The majority of cases only require surgery in the early stages. If the cancer is advanced or has spread to other parts of the body, chemotherapy may be required. If identified early, the patient’s odds of survival are greater than 70-80%, while at the metastatic stage, the patient’s chances of survival are fewer than 20-30%.”

Can Wilm’s tumour be prevented?

According to the doctor, it is partially preventable.

Dr. Marda went on to say, “Many often, the early signs of Wilm’s tumor in youngsters go unnoticed because the children are unable to communicate what they are feeling. Only when there is bloating in the abdomen and an abdominal differentiation do the parents realize something isn’t right. So, while it’s tough to prevent, we can detect it early with sonography, CT scans, or genetic testing (if there’s a family history of kidney cancer).”

Make an appointment with your child’s doctor if you observe any of the aforementioned signs or symptoms.

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