Lauren Moss Facts On The Health Correspondent – Here are all the things to know about the journalist.

Lauren Moss, a journalist from the United Kingdom.has been appointed as the BBC News LGBT & Identity Correspondent.

Lauren Moss Facts On The Health Correspondent -  Read About Her Husband And Salary

She is the BBC News LGBT & Identity Correspondent at the moment. She was previously the correspondent for Home Affairs, Politics, and Health.




Lauren Moss Facts On The Health Correspondent

BBC Reporter Lauren Moss is yet to feature on Wikipedia. 

Nonetheless, here are some facts about the journalist. Her age seems to be in the thirties. However, her exact birth date remains unknown as she hasn’t disclosed anything about the subject. Some Twitter posts do suggest that her birthday is in May each year.

Her Linkedin bio suggests her professional journey began in January 2009 with UTV Media as a Broadcast Journalist & Breakfast Show Co-Host. 

Lauren worked there for over three years, representing Wire FM, Wish FM, Tower FM, and Juice FM. Then, in April 2012, he became a Senior Broadcast Journalist & Bulletin Editor for Bauer Media Group, where he worked until September 2015.

She was Radio City’s Breakfast Journalist, often heard from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. She further used to be on Radio City 2, City Talk 105.9, and Absolute Radio.



After that, Lauren joined BBC (BBC South East Today) as a broadcast journalist. She worked there for over two years and became the Education and Social Affairs Correspondent (2017-2019).

Similarly, she has worked as the UK Health Correspondent (2019-2020) and Political Editor at BBC South East (2019-2021). And in September 2021, she became the Home Affairs Correspondent with the BBC London news team.

On 25 March 2022, Lauren announced her changing roles to LGBT & Identity Correspondent. Her job began in April 2022.   

Aside from the little details on the journalist’s professional background, she hasn’t revealed much about her private matters, including her educational qualifications.  

Lauren Moss Husband

As for Lauren Moss’s husband, she doesn’t seem to be married.

She hasn’t revealed anything about her relationship details. Moreover, she remains quiet about her private life on social media. So, her marital status remains a mystery at present. 


Lauren Moss Salary

Regarding Lauren Moss’ salary, the exact figure remains unknown.

Nonetheless, some sources claim that the average salary of BBC journalists is £38,502 per year. However, the amount ranges from £15 thousand to £72 thousand.

Considering that Lauren has over seven years of experience at the media company, her pay is probably in the higher hierarchy. 

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