Lunar Eclipse: Should You Eat or Drink During Chandra Grahan?

The total phase of the eclipse will start at 3.46 PM IST and it will end at 5.12 PM IST.

Total Lunar Eclipse (Chandra Grahan): Today we will see the total lunar eclipse from 3.46 PM IST, the complete phase will end at 5:12 PM IST, and the partial phase of the lunar eclipse will stay till 6:19 PM IST. This will be the last lunar eclipse for the next three years. The Sutak period will be effective from 9.21 am.

What is a total Lunar Eclipse? It is a phenomenon that happens when the Earth moves in between the Sun and the Moon, partially or completely blocking the sunlight which is reaching the Moon. At this point in time, a shadow can be seen on the Moon’s surface, which is what we see from Earth, this phase is called Chandra Grahan. There are several health effects that this phase of Chandra Grahan can cause. One of the most asked questions among all others is whether should one eat or drink during Chandra Gharan or Lunar Eclipses. Since it is happening today, let’s take a look at the answer with substantial scientific reasons.

Why You Shouldn’t Eat or Drink During Chandra Grahan

Experts or health Gurus say that a lunar eclipses can have a powerful effect on the human body. Thus consuming food during this time can be bad for many reasons, some of which are discussed below:

Cooked Foods Can Turn Poisonous

During a lunar eclipses, anything present on the earth which has been moved away from its natural state will deteriorate very fast. Therefore, nothing really happens to raw fruits and vegetables, but cooked foods can turn bad for health.


According to the Vedas, eating foods or drinking during the lunar eclipse is considered inauspicious. As discussed above, when you move away from the natural dimensions of a particular food, you make it susceptible to ill effects of the forces. When the subject is in the raw or natural form, the effects of these forces are less.

Pregnant Women Should Be Careful

It is important to note that astrologers do not recommend pregnant women eat or drink during a lunar eclipse. They say this can increase the possibility of defects related to Moon-Sun and Rahu-Ketu in the rashifal of the unborn child.

Astrologers and gurus also say that Lunar Eclipse effects the human system in many ways –physically, psychologically, and energy-wise. Some people also put holy basil leaves in the foods item to reduce the ill-effects of the forces. Home Page

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