Untold Facts About Mark Hyman Divorce With His Wife Mia Lux – Dr Mark Hyman and his wife Mia Lux Koning are officially divorced after years of spiritual marriage. Dr Mark Hymanis the founder of The UltraWellness Center.

Dr Mark Hyman had worked as a columnist for The Huffington Post and has written blogs in the Doctor’s Farmacy, focused on Human health.

He promotes a diet called paganism and shares food and health facts on his social media accounts. He has recently shared that he is launching a startup called Functional Health that will give people access to the first-ever 100+ lab test routine.

The test will be seen by top specialists and by Mark himself, and they will also give their insights regarding it. It has not been opened to the public people yet.

Untold Facts About Mark Hyman Divorce With His Wife Mia Lux In 2021

Dr Mark Hyman announces divorce from his wife Mia Lux gotten on Instagram

Their divorce became true and evident when Mark posted pictures with his daughter, Rachel, and son and told in the post that he was a single father.

At that time, his daughter was trying to get into medical school and follow in her father’s footsteps. The revelations blew many people as they thought his marriage was going well with Mia.

Mark shared the post on Mother’ day in 2021 and wished all the fathers who had worked as a mother and looked after their kids. He used to post photos or videos of his wife on his social media platforms which declines in 2021 and hinted their marriage was over.

His last post regarding his wife seems to be in 2019, in which he shared that he had met his wife, Mia, on the stage. The photo shared in the project was from the Feel Good Summit.

Mark further shared that he loves co-creating fun projects with her and was her next guest on the Consciousish show on October 1.

Mia Lux is the CEO and founder of La Vette. She is an entrepreneur who has worked in her company for a while.

La Vette is an intentional dating platform for self-aware singles. She has been helping people find love through her dating platform.

Dr Mark Hyman On His First Wife And Failed Marriage

Before marrying Mia, Dr. Mark Hyman was already married, but it didn’t work out.

He shared that he had been married twice in a blog post in 2014. In the blog post, he shared that even though he got successful as a doctor but in love, he has not been lucky.

He has had two failed marriages, and his recent relationship didn’t work well, which devasted him.

In the post, he also shared that after failure in marriages and relationships, he discovered that it must be him or the behavior that led him to be unlucky in love. His thoughts and beliefs regarding love seem to have manifested in his life.

When Mark was five, his parents got divorced. His mother married another man with whom she wasn’t in love, due to which his mother had 40 years of a horrible marriage.

He realized that his belief system that didn’t believe in true love and never dreamed that he could get love in his life made him settle for half love or worse people. He then shifted his thoughts and redirected his internal compass to create what he wants and experience the love that he dreams of.

Mark couldn’t easily bring the changes he wanted to, but the help of master coach of Handel Group, Lauren Zander, helped him with it. After getting help from the coach, he saw changes and shared that it is one of the best things he has done for himself.

Mark divorced his marriage with Mia and has already moved on.

He has been dating Brianna Lee Welsh for about nine months and shared about his new love in an Instagram post today.

In the post, he shared that his childhood trauma did affect him to fun love and healing. But in the process, he found Brianna. After meeting each other, they explored each other’s joys and struggles. He extended his gratitude towards Brianna and shared that she is a brilliant, beautiful, kind, playful, adventurous wondrous expression of a human being.

Brianna is the CEO and founder of Reneum, an Energy Company. The company helps to accelerate the energy transition, sending capital where it’s needed most.

Welsh is active on Instagram as @briannaleewelsh and has 5.1k followers. But her account is in private mode. Mark seems to have finally found the love he has been searching for. The couple looks happy with each other. Home

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