Matthias Steinmann Wikipedia & Bio: Who Are His Parents And Girlfriend? Continue reading to learn about the athlete’s family and personal life.

Matthias Steinmann, the multitalented person, is a Swiss athlete as his primary profession, but he excels in several other fields. After numerous third-place finishes, Matthias was finally able to win the well-deserved Swiss Champion title in 2021.

Matthias Steinmann Wikipedia & Bio: Who Are His Parents And Girlfriend? Age & Net Worth Explored

What are the family details and information about his love life? Read till the end to find out.


Matthias Steinmann Wikipedia & Bio: Who Is The Swiss Athlete?

Matthias Steinmann is a Swiss Decathlete who also is associated with drumming and podcast running. As a growing athlete, Matthias does not have his Wikipedia page yet; however, his name has been covered by a few other websites.

The man is referred to as mexxli on his Instagram, where he has garnered 2,188 followers and has made 98 posts as of this writing.

Steinmann is a drummer in a musical band named “Les Touristes.” The band based on Konzert, Musig, has a website where you can find their upcoming performing schedule. About themselves, they write,

“We are Les Touristes- a pop quintet from Basel; make pop-jazz music with dialect lyrics between vulgar and dramatic. Originally acoustically on the street, now also electronically in the club, we play for everyone who is not up in the trees at three.”

Similarly, Matthias also runs a podcast, “Swiss Track Check.” It is also known as The Athletics Podcast. It releases an episode almost every week, which is completely free. The main objective of this podcast is to share their passion for athletics with the listeners.

The podcast is run by young, dynamic, good-looking two hosts whose lovely voices never fail to enchant the listener- Pascal and Matthias.

They also invite others for financial support as some costs are always associated with the production of episodes. Therefore, the cost that doesn’t get out of hand and could be used to continue to maintain and improve the podcast can be contributed through an account.

The donated money is declared to be used for website hosting, purchasing microphones, and headphones, arranging tickets, and so on.

Matthias Steinmann: Parents And Girlfriend

There is no detailed information about Matthias Steinmann’s parents as the young athlete has not disclosed them on the Internet. However, Steinmann has often shared pictures with his girlfriend, Eileen Hofer.

On Instagram, we can witness the two of them having fun as Matthias repeatedly posts pictures together. Unfortunately, we do not have any additional information about Hofer since she has kept her Instagram profile private.

Matthias Steinmann: Age And Net Worth

Born on June 5, 1992, Matthias Steinmann is 30 years old. Talking about his physical stats, the athlete is 192cm tall and weighs 83 kg. The aspiring athlete, however, has not revealed any details regarding his net worth.

In the decathlon PB 7461, Matthias is a Swiss Champion SM 2021, his greatest success. The Swiss Track Check podcast’s social media manager, Steinmann, is recognized for offering witty entertainment thanks to his capacity for enthusiasm, his intense love of sports, and his loose tongue.

The decathlete from LV Frenke is a member of the all-around national team and qualified to compete for Switzerland at the most recent European Team Championships in 2019.

He is surprisingly inexperienced in athletics, having only begun playing at 19. Nevertheless, with his insatiable curiosity, he makes up for the years of experience he lacks and is already known for his brilliant technical skill, unwavering determination, and unquenchable drive.

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