Karim Benzema, with his mother Wahida and daughter Melia Benzema, accepts his first Ballon d’Or award. They have played an important role in his dedication.

Benzema, a Real Madrid striker, thanked his mother for her support in his pursuit of the Ballon d’Or, which he described as his genuine ambition.

He was named the greatest player in the world in 2022 as a result of his incredible achievements while playing for Los Blancos during the 2021-22 season. Furthermore, Benzema has won 23 trophies with Real Madrid, including four La Liga titles, two Copa del Rey titles, and five UEFA Champions League triumphs.

As a dynamic and prolific forward, the 34-year-old is frequently cited as an example of one of the greatest strikers in football history. He has the most assists and the second-most goals in Real Madrid history.

The 2022 UEFA Player of the Year demonstrated patience and diligence, establishing himself as one of the generation’s best players alongside Messi and Ronaldo. On his journey, Benzema endured a terrifying ordeal. He served as a role model for everyone by demonstrating the importance of never giving up and working as hard as possible until one’s goals are met.


Full NameMelia Benzema
Age8 years old
MotherChloe de Launay
FatherKarim Benzema
BirthdayFebruary 3rd
SiblingsIbrahim Benzema
Zodiac SignAquarius



Who Is Melia Benzema Mother? Karim Benzema's Daughter Mom & Cora Gauthier, Ibrahim's mother
Real Madrid star Karim Benzema on the Ballon d’Or award ceremony accepting the honor with his mother.( Source : allfootballapp )



Who Is Melia Benzema Mother? Karim Benzema’s Daughter Mom

Karim Benzema, the French striker, has two children. Melia Benzema, who was born in 2014, is the mother of Chloe de Launay.

Benzema and Chloe dated in the past and had a daughter. But they never married. Their daughter, Melia, was born on February 3, 2014. However, after the couple split up, Benzema took full custody of their baby girl Melia.

On the other hand, Melia was deprived of her mother’s love when the relationship between the Real Madrid star and Chloe de Launay (Melia’s mother) went cold. But Benzema ensured that never happened as she soon married French model Cora Gauthier to fill in a void for her mother figure.

Benzema tried to keep Melia’s mother’s name a secret, but it eventually leaked. Chloe de Launay, a famous soccer player and model, had a daughter named Mélia Benzema. Her parents’ lives have diverged, but they maintain friendly contact in order to be excellent co-parents for their children.

Despite his efforts to protect his daughter’s privacy, Karim accompanied Mélia to the Champions League final in Kyiv in 2018. Following her father’s team’s victory, the little girl joined Benzema on the field to celebrate.

And in 2019, the sportsman assured the young lady that he would score thrice in a match versus Athletic Bilbao. Following that, he got a ball autographed by every one of his teammates, and he presented it to Mélia as a gift.


Meet Cora Gauthier, Ibrahim Benzema’s mother.

Cora Gauthier, a french model and Instagram influencer, became famous after her link with Karim. The 32-year-old and the French football star first met in 2015 in Dubai. 

Following their first encounter, the pair began a romantic relationship. After that, Cora relocated to Madrid with Karim, and she has been a tremendous help to him in his personal life ever since they settled there.

Gauthier and her now-husband, Karim Benzema, had been seeing each other for more than a year before their wedding in December 2016. She became a mother for the first time on May 5, 2017, to her baby, whom she named Ibrahim Benzema.

Cora is not only Melia’s biological mother, but she treats her as such. Karim Benzema’s previous relationship produced a daughter, Melia, whom he raised as his own. She is currently living a happy life with the help of her family.


How Old Are Karim Benzema’s Kids? Age of Melia Benzema

Ibrahim Benzema and Melia Benzema, two children of Karim Benzema, are still very young.

The older child Melia born in February 2014, is eight years old, while his younger baby boy Ibrahim was born in May 2017. He turned five years of age in 2022. Meanwhile, their father, Karim Benzema, born in December 1987, will turn 35 by the end of this fruitful year.

The year 2022 has been a year of joy for the Frenchman as his team Real Madrid glowed in the bask of the UEFA Champions League title, Spanish La Liga, and the UEFA Super Cup.

His contributions to his team’s success are immeasurable; thus, he was honored with the 2022 UEFA Player of the Year Award and the most prestigious Ballon d’Or 2022 award. Even at the age of 34, Benzema proved to the world if truly desired; everything could be achieved.

Benzema became upset during an appearance on the French television program Le Quotidien. When the host requested pictures of his kid and Benzema when they were the same age be put next to one another, Benzema complied, “There’s no need for you to show me that; otherwise, you’ll have me in tears!”

He also said he talks to them daily on the phone and teaches them to love and respect people. Karim instantly talks to them and spends time with them when he gets down. It motivates him and gives him the energy to fight back up.

Karim Benzema’s Family Background, Parents, and Siblings

Karim Benzema’s family and parents were behind his success and, most recently, a Ballon d’Or win.

“I will retire at Real Madrid.” Benzema gave a speech at his Ballon d’Or award-winning ceremony alongside his father figure and French football legend Zinedine Zidane. 

The illustrious Ballon d’Or prize, presented annually in Paris, was justly bestowed to the France international player. During the acceptance speech for his championship, Benzema expressed gratitude to his mother for supporting him and helping him realize a goal he had pursued his whole life. He said,” It was my mother who believed in my eternal dream of winning the Ballon d’Or.”

Born on December 19, 1987, Benzema was raised in Lyon, France, by Algerian parents. His father, Hafid Benzema, was from Algeria, while his mother, Wahida Djebbara, is from France. 


Early Childhood And Adolescence

Benzema, born under the sign of Sagittarius, was the sixth son of a total of nine children born as a result of the marriage between his parents, Hafid and Wahida. It means the 34-year-old French forward grew up along with his eight siblings.

Karim is emanated from a family of Algerian immigrants who made their home in the volatile neighborhood of Bron, a commune in the Metropolis of Lyon, eastern France.

Benzema had a strict upbringing, to say the least, and his childhood narrative reflects that. He overcame a lot of obstacles when he was growing up, especially when he was a youngster.

As a child, he became involved in criminal activity because he followed hazardous groups. His strict upbringing from his father was primarily responsible for the drastic shift in his behavior.

However, as time passed, Benzema evolved into a more admirable person. The locals started to recognize him more and more as time went on. Benzema started his professional career in 2005 with his local club Olympique Lyonnais. He contributed irregularly to three different Ligue 1 championship triumphs.


Some FAQs

Who is Melia Benzema’s mother?

Karim Benzema and his ex-partner Chloe de Launay have a daughter named Melia Benzema. Melia was born in February 2014 to the couple.

How many children does Karim Benzema have?

Karim Benzema is the father of two kids. His daughter Melia born in 2014 and his son Ibrahim Benzema born in 2017.

Who is Karim Benzema’s wife?

Karim Benzema is married to French model and Instagram celebrity Cora Gauthier. They began dating in 2015 and married a year later in 2016.

Who Is Melia Benzema Mother?

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