What Did Colleen Ritzer Death Autopsy Say? On October 22, 2013, math teacher Colleen Ritzer of Danvers High School was fatally shot by Philip Chism, a 14-year-old ninth-grader.

What Did Colleen Ritzer Death Autopsy Say? Philip Chism Disappeared & Charges Details

After school that day, Chism pursued Collen Ritzer into a restroom where he attacked her with a box cutter and sexually assaulted her.

Then he took her dead body in a trash can to the school’s back woods. Chism was charged as an adult with murder, rape, and armed robbery; he was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. After 40 years, he can apply for parole.


What Did Colleen Ritzer Death Autopsy Say?


On October 22, 2013, Philip Chism, a math instructor at Danvers High School, killed and sexually assaulted Colleen Ritzer.

Ritzer taught mathematics. She inspired all of her students to ask for her help even after school hours, which won her their admiration.

Colleen spent her entire life putting her family and her teaching career first. Her life’s passion and dream was to educate those around her.

At three o’clock she went to the bathroom, and eventually Ritzer went with her. Chism was wearing a hood over his face.

After Ritzer used the restroom, Philip Chism donned gloves, pulled a razor-sharp box cutter from his pocket, slit her throat 16 times, and proceeded to rape her while strangling her.

Even though the attack was likely to be noticed, the student believed someone was getting ready inside.

He staged her body in a sexually inappropriate way, spread her legs out under the pile of leaves, pulled up her shirt, and stuck a three-fork tree branch into her.

Colleen Ritzer And Philip Chism Disappeared


After school on 2013, Colleen Ritzer didn’t go back home, and her phone went unanswered. Along with her, Philip Chism was reported missing before he too disappeared. From the same school, two people were reported missing.

Police started their inquiry at the bloody crime scene, which was a restroom. Thanks to the school’s security cameras, police were able to identify Chism as a suspect in the crime.

Even though Chism’s crime had many gaps, as one incident led to another, the police were able to piece together the evidence, start their investigation, and find Ritzer’s body in a nearby forest.

An autopsy was performed on the body in a laboratory. The primary suspect in the case was Philip Chism, so the police started looking for him right away.

Philip Chism Charges


In 2016, Chism was brought before the court as an adult and accused of killing her algebra instructor Ritzer in the first degree. Charges of felony murder, rape, and robbery were brought against Philip Chism.

Philip Chism, then 14 years old, committed the crime in 2013. Instead of giving him the death sentence, the court announced a 40-year sentence.

Lawyers for Chism claimed that their client had mental health issues and was not stable, which is why they made such a terrible attempt.

He wasn’t paying attention at the time of the crime. A psychiatrist testified in favor of Chism, saying that he was having visions and hearing voices at the time of the crime.

The autopsy report revealed the horrifying particulars of the crime, stating that Ritzer had been sexually assaulted with a weapon and stabbed 16 times in the neck.

Before learning of Ritzer’s death in the nearby woods, authorities were able to put Chism’s crime together and start their investigation because of the gaps in it. A lab received the body to conduct an autopsy.

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