Mike Gregory Darts wife, Erica Gregory mourns her husband as he passed away.  What Happened To Mike Gregory Darts also known as “The Quiet Man of Darts,”?  Let’s find out how he died below!

Mike Gregory Darts Wife Mourns - How Did Mike Die, What Happened To Him? Facts To Note

Mike Gregory is best known for his performance against Phil Taylor in the 1992 Embassy World Darts Championship.

Despite his defeat in the final, the match is regarded as one of the greatest darts matches ever played. Gregory also made it to the finals of the Winmau World Masters on two occasions.

He was the type of man whose actions spoke louder than his words. The news of his death on April 19 has deeply touched and saddened the darts world.


Mike Gregory Darts Wife Mourns – How Did Mike Die, What Happened To Him?

Mike Gregory passed away on April 19, 2022. His death news has reached every nook and corner of the world while the darts game club is saddened over his loss.

He was a legend in darts and was a well-known name in the field. His death has heated social media and media outlets as his death has become trending news.



Likewise, social media platforms are filled with rest in peace messages for him as netizens are coping with his news.

The complete insiders into his last moments are still in consideration including the deets on his death.

Mike Gregory Death Cause & Obituary Explored

Mike Gregory’s exact death cause is not on display including in his obituary. However, it is reported that he had been battling dementia for quite some time.

It could be that the darts legend lost his life due to health reasons caused by his dementia. He was 65 years old at the time of his death.

His fans and netizens are intrigued to know the full insiders into his death.

Who Is Mike Gregory Wife?

Mike Gregory is survived by his wife Erica Gregory. The disputed darts legend is also survived by his two sons. However, he had always kept his wife and family away from public attention.

Moreover, he was somewhat a private person who preferred to be known for his gameplay rather than his personal life affairs.

The surviving Gregory family members are mourning the loss while maintaining their peace and silence.



Mike Gregory Net Worth 2022 Revealed

Nicknamed “The Quiet Man of Darts”, Mike Gregory did not reveal his net worth as of 2022 while he was alive. He spent his last moment battling dementia and had resorted away from the media questions.

Even so, it can be concluded that he had arned quite a good figures from his successful dart career.

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