Nikola Jokic Is Married To His Wife Natalija Mačešić from Serbian since 2020, and they recently announced that they are expecting a child on January 1, 2022.

Nikola Jokic Is Married To His Wife Natalija Mačešić Serbian - Explore Her Wikipedia Bio

Nikola Jokic is a professional basketball player for the Denver Nuggets of the National Basketball Association. He has been selected as a four-time NBA All-Star.

He has performed admirably on the basketball court and is currently competing against the Golden State Warriors.




Nikola Jokic Is Married To His Wife Natalija Mačešić – Explore Her Wikipedia Bio

Natalija Mačešić is famously known as the wife of the basketball player Nikola Jokic, and she is featured on her husband’s Wikipedia page.

Natalija was also an athlete in her college days as she was a previous volleyball player at Oklahoma’s Seminole State College. She was in limelight because of her relationship with the sensational basketball player Nikola. 


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Nikola and Natalija were rumored to have met each other in high school. Natalija shared that she was engaged to her boyfriend through one of her Instagram posts, and she was happy to show her engagement ring in the picture.

They got married to each other in 2020, and she shared a picture of them dancing on their wedding day on her Instagram post.

Is Nikola Jokic Wife Serbian Nationality?

Natalija Mačešić is of Siberian Nationality as she was born in Sombor, Serbia. She later moved to the USA and pursued further studies in the USA.


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Similarly, her husband Nikola is also from Siberia, and they met each other in high school as they used to go to the same one. Her family comprises her mother, dad, and sister.

How Old Is Natalija Mačešić Age?

Natalija Mačešić seems to be 20-30 years old, but her exact age is not publicly shared at the moment.

She went to the Metropolitan State University of Denver and graduated with a degree in Psychology from the University in 2018. She might be currently working as a psychologist, but there is no definite information regarding it.

She is currently busy taking care of herself as she is pregnant as per her recent post. Natalija shared her baby bump in one of her Instagram posts

Natalija Mačešić Net Worth – How Rich Is She?

The net worth of Natalija Mačešić is currently above a few thousand dollars. Meanwhile, her husband Nikola is one of the rich NBA Athletes with the value of around $30 million.

Natalija is active on Instagram as @jokic.natalija and has 16.1k followers, while in the case of Nikola, he is present as @jokicnikolaofficial and has 56.6 k followers.

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