Obituary: What Happened To Racer Mathis Bellon? It’s sad to report that the  8-year-old French motorcycle rider, died in a tragic accident leaving his family and well-wishers to mourn.

Obituary: What Happened To Racer Mathis Bellon? Accident, Death Cause And Parents

Mathis was a promising pilot from the island of Réunion who excelled in BMX at a young age. Furthermore, the motorcycle rider was a Race Experience School student.

Bellon won first place in the French MiniGP 115 championship category for drivers under the age of eight; he was talented and gifted in everything he did and had dreams to achieve, but the young angel was taken too soon.


Obituary: What Happened To Racer Mathis Bellon? Accident Details

The 8-year-young rider Mathis Bellon had a tragic accident in Italy on Friday, the 22nd of July 2022. According to several Italian sources, he was having a training session at the Ala kart track when he met an accident that took his life.

The young motorcycle rider was reportedly doing laps with his mini bike on the circuit when he crashed but didn’t have enough time to get up before another vehicle hit him. Mathis got rushed to the hospital via a helicopter immediately after the incident, but his condition only worsened.

Mathis Bellon Death Cause – How Did He Die?

Bellon’s death has saddened his family, friends, close ones, and many people around the world; the little soul couldn’t survive the tragic incident that occurred while he was training on July 22nd.

Following the accident, the child was rushed to the Borgo Trento hospital for treatment. Given his severe injuries, doctors subjected him to two surgeries in order to save his life, and he was transferred to a hospital in Montpellier, France.

Mathis fought for a week to live his precious life, but God had other plans for the young man, as he was unable to survive the injuries he sustained in the crash and died in Montpellier; may his departed soul rest easy in paradise. Furthermore, condolence messages for the young rider have flooded social media platforms, and many people around the world are mourning the loss of the little angel.

More Insight About Mathis Bellon’s Accident

Mathis had slipped while practicing for the CNV Motoasi Championship on the Ala Karting track when a driver following behind could not swerve in time and rolled over him.

The young driver must have suffered through excruciating pain as he got operated on twice, and doctors couldn’t save the life of the little one with medications; our heart breaks for the little one. Even after losing his life, Bellon saved the lives of five other children as his organs got donated; he died as a hero.



The 8-year-old was very talented and had a bright future ahead in the racing world; he was also considered one of the best French talents of his generation who also excelled in BMX. He was gone too soon, and we are at the loss of words to express our sadness for the loss of the little one.


Mathis Bellon Parents And Family

Samuel Bellon is the godfather of the young motorcycle rider, but her mother’s name is yet to get uncovered. He also had a younger sister who turned three a few days before he died.

Our heart goes out to the Bellon family; may God give them the strength to overcome the grief and move on in their daily lifestyle. We also send them comforting hugs and healing prayers during difficult times.

Samuel has shared how full of life Mathis was and how he would lighten the room and bring everyone together despite having tension in the room. Moreover, although they knew motorsports is dangerous, they wanted him to follow her heart and do what he loved; it must have been tough for them to accept the reality as their 8-year-old son was no more, but he will forever remain in their thoughts.

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