Pauline Hanson Biography: Is She Indigenous? Pauline Hanson left the Senate Chamber When the Ngunnawal and Ngambri people were acknowledged as the Canberra region’s traditional custodians during the country’s inaugural session.

Pauline Hanson Biography: Is She Indigenous? Find Out If She Is A Racist, Ethnicity & HusbandPauline Hanson Is An Australian Politician Who Is The Founder And Leader Of Political Party One Nation ( Source : Abc )

She is an Australian politician who founded and served as the party’s head, One Nation, a right-wing populist organization. She was not pleased by the acknowledgment of president Sue Lines on Wednesday. Before leaving the room, Senator Hanson interrupted, shouting, “No, I won’t and never will.”


Is Pauline Hanson Indigenous?

No, she doesn’t seem to be indigenous, as she was upset because of a statement in the Senate chamber saying the Ngunnawal and Ngambri people as traditional custodians of the Canberra area. The senator from One Nation told the Australian Associated Press that she could not accept the welcome to the country or a proposal that would raise the flags of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Senate chamber later in the day.

She asserted that those who have given their lives in battle and for this country deserve recognition. Senator Hanson noted that there had never been a vote on the Indigenous flag and criticized the acknowledgment of the country.

Pauline Hanson Was Called Racist For Storming Out Of Senate

The leader of One Nation stormed out of the Senate in opposition to the Nation’s recognition. The Lord’s Prayer and a declaration recognizing traditional land custodians were said by Senate President Sue Lyons to begin proceedings in the Upper House. Senator Hanson intervened at this point to express her disapproval of the recognition. All of this occurred within the first five minutes of the Senate meeting.


The previous Coalition Government’s minister for Indigenous Australians and minister for Indigenous health, Wyatt, told the media that Hanson’s remarks were very disappointing and that her polarizing behavior was not good for the Nation.

Wyatt stated that it was frustrating to see Hanson not using her position of strength to affect the better benefit of our community as a person of public influence and someone who holds a position of authority.

Senator Lidia Thorpe of the Indigenous Greens also criticized Senator Hanson on Twitter, calling her behavior disrespectful.

Pauline Hanson’s Biography

Hanson was born in Woolloongabba, Queensland, on May 27, 1954. She was the sixth of John Alfred Seccombe’s and Hannorah Alousius Mary Seccombe’s seven children. From a young age, Hanson and her siblings worked at the Ipswich, Queensland, fish and chip store owned by Jack and Norah Seccombe, making meals and receiving orders. When she was older, she helped her parents with financial tasks, including sales ledger and bookkeeping.

She first entered politics in 1994 as a member of her state’s Ipswich City Council. She joined the Australian Liberal Party in 1995, and at the federal election in 1996, she was already chosen to represent Brisbane’s Division of Oxley.

Before co-founding One Nation in 1997 and becoming its sole MP, Hanson won the election and was sworn in as an independent. In 2002, she was dismissed from One Nation. After rejoining One Nation in 2013, Hanson rose to the position of leader again in 2014.

Although she lost the state election for Queensland by a razor-thin margin in 2015, she and three other party members were elected to the Senate in the 2016 federal election. In the 2022 federal election, she was re-elected.

Pauline Hanson’s Ethnicity And Husband

A mouth swab of the One Nation leader’s genetic material was used in a DNA test conducted by Queensland’s Sunday Mail in 2007. The results revealed that her genetic makeup is derived from a rich multicultural background, with 32% of her DNA coming from Italy, Greece, or Turkey and 59% from northern Europe.

Hanson met Mark Hanson, a carpenter, in 1978 On Queensland’s Gold Coast. In 1980, they were married and started a construction company focusing on plumbing for roofs. Hanson handled the administrative aspects of the business while her husband oversaw the physical labor. The couple divorced in 1987, and their separation led to the company’s shut down.

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