Racist Video: Has Murad Merali Been Arrested? The racist video by Murad Merali has gone viral on Reddit and Twitter. What did the blogger for Love Island say? Here is an explanation of his negative online reviews.

Racist Video: Has Murad Merali Been Arrested? Twitter Blacklash: What Happened?

YouTuber Murad Merali has recently been the target of some serious racial accusations. He has also expressed regret for his repulsive sexual actions, including fetishes that contributed to his extreme racism.

Several sources claim that Merali’s sexual videos with overtly racist language are making the rounds online. The videos allegedly had offensive racial slurs directed at Black and Asian people in the captions.

Racist Video: Has Murad Merali Been Arrested?

Murad Merali apologized for his degrading race play videos, which have become very popular online.

The YouTuber said in his most recent video, “First and foremost, the written content is not me and I will stand by that; this is not who I am. The derogatory comments are not written by me.

I humbly apologize for the content on this page that is not also mine, the author continued. I take full responsibility for the way this came across and the emotional impact the content had on everyone. Not now, not recently (within the last five or six years), and not right now, but some of this content is me.

The Love Island blogger repeatedly insists that he didn’t write the video’s content. He added that when he was 14 he was “severely raped countless times.”

Fans have criticized him, though, for not taking responsibility for his error. The YouTuber admitted to it and apologized for his comments about her se33ual preferences, but he made no mention of the racial slurs he used.


Murad Merali Racist Video And Blacklash: What Happened?

Murad Merali’s racist video is viral on Twitter and Youtube,

As the video contains some solid sexual and racial content, we aren’t able to embed the video here. But one can easily find the video if you search it on Youtube. It is already viewed more than 60,000 times on the platform.

According to the video, Merali reportedly had “foot fetishes,” a thing he developed after he was allegedly raped as a teenager. Also, as a result of that tragedy, he developed such habits.

In the video, the Love Island blogger has addressed Asian and Black people and, in many ways, dehumanized them. In technical terms, it is called Race play.

Raceplay is an extreme fetish centered around two people consenting to use racial slurs and derogatory comments during sex. However, it is one of the rarest fetishes as they directly offend a whole community.

Murad Merali Love Island Girlfriend And Partner Details To Know

Murad Merali is best known for interviewing Love Island stars who have also turned into his friends.

The 26-year-old podcaster runs a Youtube channel that has over 300,000 subscribers. He gained a lot of popularity after his explosive interviews with Deji and Summer.

Besides, Merali is also a property developer, according to his bio on Instagram. He reportedly has a degree in Clinical Psych and Cognitive Neuroscience.

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