Sandra Ntonya Arrested:  What did she do? Get to find out below!

Sandra Ntonya, an author, confessed to being a prostitute after the alleged scandal was exposed. On Sunday, she was detained at her Manchester home along with a 29-year-old rugby player.

Sandra Ntonya was arrested alongside an England rugby union player on suspicion of raping a teenager.

The rugby player has admitted Sandra is a prostitute and claims to be one of her clients who brought the alleged victim back to her home for a sexual relationship.

Sandra Ntonya Arrested: Who Is She And What's Her Offense? England Rugby Player Rape Allegations Case Update


Sandra Ntonya: Who Is She?

Sandra Ntonya is a 41-year-old woman who has admitted to being a high-class sex worker who charges £160 per hour.

She is said to be running her business from her home in the city’s Gorton neighborhood.

Sandra Ntonya was born in Malawi, Africa, to a ruthless father known as ‘Idi Amin.’

Ntonya grew up believing that freedom was a fairy tale. Sandra was in her early twenties, full of dreams and a yearning for change.

Sandra embarked on a journey to England with her then-husband and son, whose severe disabilities had caused the marriage to disintegrate.

Since then, Ntonya has lived in Manchester with her adored son, Alfred.



Sandra Ntonya Arrested: What’s Her Offense?

Sandra Ntonya was arrested after her 29-year-old Rugby player client engaged in sexual misconduct with a girl.

She claimed that the rugby player met the alleged victim in a Manchester nightclub where she was celebrating her 18th birthday.

Later, he called Ntonya to inform her that he was returning the teenager home.

Furthermore, she stated that the client wanted me to involve her. She was very sleepy at night and simply let them into the spare room. She didn’t want to be a part of it.’

Ntonya insisted on calling the cops after discovering the teenage girl sobbing in her spare bedroom early Sunday morning.


How Old Is Sandra Ntonya- Does She Have Instagram?

Sandra Ntonya, as previously stated, is 41 years old and was born on November 17th. Sandra was arrested on suspicion of administering a substance with the intent to commit a sexual offense.

A girl in her late teens was allegedly sexually assaulted, and specialist officers are currently assisting her.

A 29-year-old Rubgy player has also been arrested on suspicion of rape. Due to legal restrictions, the name of the Rugby player cannot be revealed.

Sandra Ntonya, also known as ANDU THIS ANDU THAT, is an autobiographer who has written a book titled “Confessions Of A Justified Hooker.”

Sandra and her 29-year-old client have been released on bail while investigations continue. Sandra Ntonya, on the other hand, can be found on Twitter @ @sandra_ntonya.


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