UFC Fighter: What’s Wrong With Virna Jandiroba Eyes? Many people believe that Virna Jadiroba has an eye injury as a result of her eyes’ different orientations.

UFC Fighter: What's Wrong With Virna Jandiroba Eyes? Eye Injury And Condition Explored

Virna Jandiroba is a Brazilian mixed martial artist who competes in the UFC’s strawweight division. She was previously the Invicta Fighting Championships Strawweight champion. She is ranked 12 in the UFC women’s rankings as of April 2022.

Jandiroba began kung fu training as a child. She later developed an interest in judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. She turned to and fought in mixed martial arts after earning her black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Jandiroba’s most recent bout occurred on May 14, 2022, at UFC televised on ESPN 36. She won the match unanimously.

Virna began her professional MMA career in 2013 and predominantly competed in Brazil. Prior to joining Invicta, she had an 11–0 record. 


UFC Fighter: What’s Wrong With Virna Jandiroba Eyes?

Some fans believe Virna Jandiroba has false eyes since she has a unique eye development as seen by her looks.

You can see her eyes in her pictures, and there is some variety in them, but her eyes are all OK, and no eye problems have been noted thus far.

Despite the fact that she has completely different eyes than the rest, her MMA career has not suffered as a result. Virna has risen to prominence in the UFC due to her incredible results.


Did Virna Jandiroba Suffer From Eye Injury?

UFC fighter Virna Jandiroba is said to have an eye condition since her eyes are scarcely noticeably different from the others.

We’re not sure if this is an injury or simply a skewed orientation. There is also relatively little information on her eye on the Internet.

By looking at her fights, it doesn’t look like Virna has an injury.



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Virna Jandiroba Sexual Orientation

Speaking of Virna Jandirobas’s sexual orientation, she has not identified herself as transwoman or gay. According to her Instagram, she looks to be having fun with her private entity, single life, in addition to her employment and professional lives, all of which appear to be fortunate.

Virna is a woman, not a trans man, according to her full name, Carole Andrade Jandiroba. In reality, she has never declared her gender identity to the public.

According to the examination, no source refers to her as a transwoman. As a female MMA fighter, she would undoubtedly face several claims regarding her gender identity.

Jandiroba is available on Instagram under the username of @virnajandiroba. She has over 42k followers and is active on the platform, with over 800 posts uploaded till now.

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