I need help to get my classic Raleigh Royal bicycle back from Yorkshire bike shop Ellis Briggs Cycles which has had it now for more than a year.

I had agreed with a person – that I understood to be the owner – a number of repairs to the frame and a complete respray, and paid a £100 deposit.

In February this year, Ellis Briggs said the work was done, and I paid a further £283 by bank transfer. I have been waiting ever since to get my frame back.

In June I travelled to the shop, at which point he revealed that he had sub-contracted the work and, because he owed the painter money on other jobs, my frame was being retained. He refused to say where it was.

I now despair of ever seeing it again.

AF, Edinburgh

This case turned into one of our longest-running battles of the year. It soon became clear that the person you dealt with has quit Ellis Briggs.

We eventually tracked down your frame to Liverpool firm C&G Finishes, which was holding it and several others – quite reasonably in our view – until the bill was paid.

After a great many calls, we are happy to report that Ellis Briggs has paid the painter and, hopefully, you should have your frame back for Christmas.

The moral of the tale is always pay for services that are yet to be carried out by credit card. And if you are wanting to get a frame resprayed, contract C&G yourself.

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