Talana Carraway Lance Herndon Girlfriend will most probably feature in the new Oxygen series, in which she discussed the day of the murder. Where Is She Now? – Stay tuned to find out.

Talana Carraway Lance Herndon Girlfriend: Where Is She Now? Lacey Banks

Lance Herndon was a young entrepreneur who had made a name for himself in Atlanta during the 1990s.

He was so good that he was referred to as one of the city’s brightest businessmen by former President Bill Clinton’s administration.

Everything went wrong, however, when he was discovered dead in his home on August 9, 1996.



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And the whole incident is now being shown with great detail in Oxygen’s series “The Real Murders of Atlanta.”

Previously, the 2019 series Murder in the Thirst had also shown the event that took place that day.

Talana Carraway Lance Herndon Girlfriend: Who Is She?

Talana Carraway and Lance Herndon had a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship at one point.

Talana was the one who first helped authorities to establish a window of time for Lance’s murder.

Carraway revealed in an interview with the official that she was working for Lance’s company at that time.


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And that she and Herndon talked until midnight after leaving the office on the day of his murder. Detectives hypothesized that the murder occurred between 12 a.m. and 4:10 a.m. as a result of the interview.

Finally, Caraway told authorities that she hadn’t been back to Herndon’s house since they split up and gave them the name Dionne Baugh.

Dionne Baugh was a college student at Georgia State University who began dating Lance soon after meeting him.

Talana Carraway: Where Is She Now? Lacey Banks

Talana Carraway hasn’t been seen in public since the incident, making it difficult to find her.

Watch the series “Murder in the Thirst,” starring Camille Calvin, to learn more about Talana Carraway.

Lance Herndon’s case, also known as Atlanta’s playboy, has recently gotten a lot of attention. So there’s a chance we’ll learn more about Talana, who was in many ways very close to him.


Let’s Discuss Lance Herndon Murder Case

Lance was murdered on the night of August 8, 1996, and the case was difficult to solve due to a lack of evidence that could identify the perpetrator.

Despite the fact that there was a long list of suspects due to Lance’s extensive dating history, detectives were unable to find enough evidence to arrest any of them.

However, the name Talana had mentioned, “Dionne Baugh,” was at the top of the Police’s list.




It was because Dionne had made a public science while she was with Lance after she allegedly saw him with other girls.

Because officials initially had no evidence, they were unable to arrest her. However, Shortly after Baugh was arrested and charged with multiple crimes, a reliable source revealed a hint of her presence in Lance’s residence.

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