The #1 Exercise for a Longer Life, Doctor & Longevity Expert Says – Adding more healthy years to one’s life is a goal many of us long to achieve. Of course, you can’t predict how long you’ll live, and there are always factors that are simply beyond your control. But there are also plenty of healthy habits you can control, such as those pertaining to your diet, workouts, hobbies, and general lifestyle. If you’re hoping to lead a long, healthy life, one great place to start is by giving your fitness routine a fun, invigorating update. Take a cue from longevity expert Florence Comite, MD, an innovator in precision medicine with multiple specialties in endocrinology and the founder of the Comite Center for Precision Medicine & Health, who shares with us the #1 exercise she does to live longer.

Keep reading to learn more about Dr. Comite’s go-to exercise, and when you’re finished, don’t miss these 7 Easy Ab Exercises to Strip Away Belly Flab Before 40

This doctor and longevity expert is rollerblading her way to a longer life.

close-up putting on rollerblades

The #1 exercise this doctor does to live longer? Rollerblading! If you saw the Barbie movie, you likely remember the iconic scene of Barbie and Ken rocking vibrant ‘fits as they rollerbladed through Venice Beach. Just like Barbie (and Margot Robbie herself!), Dr. Comite also shares a passion for rollerblading. In fact, she started this beloved hobby with a pair of roller skates as a young girl. After that, she began in-line skating, which was a little more challenging, “but definitely more fun.”

“In my adult life when I rediscovered my love for rollerblading in the early ’90s, my first try at it ended with me intentionally falling because I failed to plan around a relatively big hill near my home,” Dr. Comite tells us. “I realized I had no way to stop without running into a major road. Luckily, I was wearing leggings and jeans (and protective gear) so the road burn was minimal. Taught me a lesson, though, after that, to anticipate the path as I went forward with even more exciting rollerblading feats.”

Rollerblading keeps this doctor active, sharp, and social in her adult life.

Rollerblading fires up muscles that are key to aging healthily, particularly the core and leg muscles, Dr. Comite explains. “Because rollerblading is an aerobic activity, it helps foster good blood circulation throughout the body, including the brain,” she continues. “The activity itself exercises the brain because it requires quick thinking to avoid obstacles and watch for cars and pedestrians. What’s more, being outside in the park on my rollerblades is a mood lifter, and if I blade with companions, I gain the mental stimulation of social interaction.”

Rollerblading is chock-full of health benefits.

Rollerblading is an excellent workout that engages the muscles in your lower body, such as your calves, glutes, hamstrings, and quads. In addition, the side-to-side striding movement utilizes your hip adductors and abductors. As if it couldn’t get any more impressive, this exercise is low-impact, boosts your heart health, and decreases your risk of suffering from stroke, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

“Rollerblading also requires using your arms and balancing, which involves your core muscle to stabilize your spine,” Dr. Comite explains. “Low-back pain is a common complaint as people age. By strengthening your core by rollerblading, you can reduce the risk of injury. Rollerblading is a weight-bearing exercise that reduces the risk of osteoporosis and helps maintain healthy, strong bones.”

Unlike high-impact exercises such as running, rollerblading decreases the amount of stress put on your ankles and knees, making it a stellar choice for individuals who have joint issues or anyone who wants a gentler workout.

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