Timothy Reynolds Baltimore MD: Who Was He? Timothy Reynolds, 48, of Baltimore, was found dead at a hospital on Thursday after a late-afternoon run-in with a group of kids washing windows for money at Light and Conway streets near the city’s Inner Harbor.

Timothy Reynolds Baltimore MD: Who Was He? Squeegee Confrontation & Shooting Update


Timothy Reynolds Baltimore MD: Who Was He?

On the Friday morning gun shoot in downtown Baltimore, a man confronts the local squeegee workers.

The man was Timothy Reynolds who died as one of the squeegee workers fired a gun at him. He had parked his car on the other side of Light Street and exited his car wielding a baseball bat.


Timothy Reynolds, 48, was dead at the confrontation with so-called squeegee workers
Timothy Reynolds, 48, was dead at the confrontation with so-called squeegee workers ( Source : Fox5ny )


Then, turning around to face the children, he “swung the bat at one or more of the squeegee employees.” The return response, thus. One of the workers shot and killed him.

He was a resident of Baltimore and was of 48 years at the time he died.

Only this limited amount of personal information is available about him. This section will be updated as soon as new information becomes available.

Timothy Reynolds Is Dead: Squeegee Confrontation & Shooting Update

In a tense confrontation with squeegee workers in downtown Baltimore, a driver attacked them with a baseball bat before being shot and killed.

A police spokesman informed The Post that no arrests had been made as of early Friday morning in the ongoing and active investigation.

According to Police Commissioner Michael Harrison, Reynolds crossed the intersection in his car, parked it, and then jumped out brandishing a baseball bat, according to the Baltimore Sun.

In response to his bat-firing, one of the squeegee workers pulled out a gun and it is still unclear the number of shots that have been fired on the spot.



Three gunfire were heard by onlookers, followed by a quick police reaction. During rush hour and just before the Baltimore Orioles and Los Angeles Angels game scheduled for 7:05 p.m. at neighboring Oriole Park at Camden Yards, the fatal brawl caused hours of downtown traffic backup.

Harrison revealed that it was the second shooting incident involving squeegee workers at that same busy downtown intersection. He added that the Mayor’s Office of African American Male Engagement workers was on the scene performing outreach hours earlier when police took a pistol from a squeegee worker.

It is reported that the squeegee worker was arrested by the police before 2 p.m. Scott made a statement in which he said that his administration would work to punish those who use violence on city streets accountable.

Squeegee youngsters’ presence on Baltimore’s streets has long been a source of contention. Drivers who are unfamiliar with or uncomfortable with the practice frequently complain about the kids, which infuriates local businesses that depend on tourists. Physical altercations have erupted on occasion.

Did Timothy Reynolds have a bat?

Yes, the man who died of a gun shooting by one of the squeegee workers had a bat. Timothy used that baseball bat when he confronted a group of squeegee workers.

Unfortunately, the rifle discharged by a squeegee damaged his bat.

Later on Thursday night, the metal bat was still at the murder site, lying on the ground close to a bloody puddle.

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