Who Are Tony Armstrong Parents? Tony, the ABC presenter, was raised in Paddington, Western Sydney, by his single mother, Margaret Anne Armstrong.

Margaret Anne Armstrong, Tony Armstrong’s mother, is a schoolteacher who raised her son alone after her husband abandoned her before the birth of their child.

Tony considers his mother to be a superstar and his best friend, and he claims that without her, he would not have accomplished what he has today.

In a recent interview, Tony talked about how his sacking from AFL led him to have an emotional scar that took him a long time to recover from.

But now Tony is certainly in a better place as he is one of the most popular Australian media personalities whose biggest source of inspiration was his mother.

Who Are Tony Armstrong Parents? Mother, Father, Wife, Children & Net Worth

Tony Armstrong Quick Facts

Full NameTony Armstrong
Date of BirthSeptember 29, 1989
Mother’s NameMargaret Anne Armstrong
Relationship StatusUnmarried
ProfessionPresenter/Former AFL player

Meet Tony Armstrong Parents – Father And Mother Margaret Anne Armstrong

Tony Armstrong was born to parents Margaret Anne Armstrong and an absentee father in 1989. Born and raised in New South Wales, Tony never met his father who left his mother even before he was born.

Margaret Anne Armstrong, the mother of Tony Armstrong, served as a schoolteacher in their hometown in Paddington. The mother-son duo later moved to Riverina and later relocated to Brocklesby.

Tony’s mother struggled to make ends meet and would scrap through every cent so that she could have enough money one day to send Tony to a boarding school.

And she was successful at it, as Tony was enrolled at Assumption College, Kilmore, which was famous as a football nursery. The former AFL player has always been grateful to his mother and in an interview said, “It’s not something you fully appreciate at the time but I’ll be forever grateful. She’s everything to me mum.”

At one point, Tony thought of dodging high school and becoming a tradie like his friends, but after his mother insisted, he completed grade 12.

Armstrong attended Assumption College in Melbourne and was drafted by Adelaide in 2007. But was dropped by AFL teams due to his poor performances.

Though he didn’t find success as an athlete, Tony became highly demanded as a presenter and earlier this year won Logie Award and thanked his mother in his acceptance speech which he won for most popular talent.

Margaret Anne Armstrong Is A School Teacher

Margaret Anne Armstrong, Tony Armstrong’s mother, served as a schoolteacher in Paddington, Sydney. She raised Tony all by herself on an income which at the time was not even enough for an individual.

But she had dreams of sending her son to the best school possible, which propelled her to work hard every day. The woman Tony calls his best friend and biggest supporter has been there for him at his lowest point and earlier this year, saw her son’s biggest achievement.

And the ABC host was nominated for the Most Popular Talent Award at the Logie Award, earlier this year. Tony went on to win the award and the first person he thanked was the woman who made sacrifices in her life to fulfil his dream.

“There’s a lot of people I need to thank but first of all the old cheese… mum…Margaret Anne Armstrong… she is a superstar,” the visibly emotional presenter said after his win.

Margaret wasn’t present at the star-studded event that night but was surely as emotional as her son back home watching from the telly.

And though she has a popular son in Tony, Margaret has decided to maintain her reserve in media and has never been seen on her son’s social media handle.

Wife: Is Tony Armstrong Married?

Tony Armstrong does not have a wife and remains unmarried. The sports anchor of ABC News Breakfast is currently single but at one point, there were rumours that he was secretly married.

The 32-year-old former AFL player addressed the rumours during an interview with Stellar Magazine and said, “If I had a secret wife I’d been hiding all this time, do you think I’d tell you?”

Tony also said that he had no plans of getting married any time soon. Armstrong said, “It’s got to be someone pretty special and I suppose I’ve got to be in a space where I can also give them what they need … I don’t want anything. ”

The Logie winner also said that he is not buying into the hype and continues to remain focused on his work

Tony Armstrong Children

Tony Armstrong does not have any children. The presenter does not have any illegitimate children as once rumoured. Tony, though wants to be an inspiration to thousands of Indigenous kids.

In 2019, the 32-year-old became the first Indigenous person to call the AFL on commercial radio. Tony has previously said he has been working for other Indigenous kids and paving the way for them.

He knows many of the Indigenous kids look up to him and want to be as successful as the former AFL player. In an interview with The Age, Tony said, “When you’re a kid before you even know who the people are or what they do, you just align yourself with people you look like.”

Tony explained that when the children don’t see someone like them in popular media it could hamper their perspective. He said, “If you don’t see yourself somewhere, how could you project forward to seeing yourself doing that?”

Armstrong shares a strong passion to help Indigenous voices get heard on radio and TV. Tony worked as a commentator on the National Indigenous Radio Service and was a member of the AFL’s first all-Indigenous commentary team.

Tony Armstrong Net Worth

Tony Armstrong has a net worth of $500,000. The former AFL player wasn’t much successful on the pitch but has found great success as a presenter for ABC News.

According to the outlet Indeed, a presenter on ABC on average earns a salary of $109,000, but with his rising popularity, it’s for sure that Armstrong takes more than that home.

Recently, Armstrong shared that his salary had been bumped up after he jokingly asked his bosses for an increment as he won the Silver Logie in June.

His management called him the next day and said they had given him a pay bump. He shared the information in the Ausmerican Aces Sports Club podcast on Sunday.

Less than a year into his ABC job, Tony was given his own prime-time show called A Dog’s World, a three-part series where he talked about his passion: dogs.

The fans and the general public alike thoroughly loved the show and received a fabulous rating from various TV critics.

Some FAQs

Who is Tony Armstrong parents/ Mother?

Tony Armstrong was born to single mother Margaret Anne Armstrong in 1989

Does Tony Armstrong have a wife?

Tony Armstrong does not have a wife.

Does Tony Armstrong have children?

Tony Armstrong does not have any children.

What is Tony Armstrong net worth?

Tony Armstrong has a net worth of $500,000.

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