5 Dangerous Habits That Can Damage Your Stomach Completely – Here are 5 unhealthy habits that can damage your stomach completely, and compromise your gut health! Check them out!

Did you know there are over 5 trillion bacteria present inside your body, most of which are only present in your gut? The gut is one of the most important parts of the human body. It is essential to maintain the right balance of the good bacteria in the gut for encouraging the body’s overall health intact. The gut plays some very important roles in the body to keep the overall health under check. From providing the body with enough amount of energy to balancing hormonal levels, this organ does a lot. However, some daily activities and habits that you do even without realising can often compromise the health of your gut and leave it suffering from some serious negative problems. These primarily include your day-to-day modern lifestyle and dietary habits.

5 Dangerous Habits That Can Harm Your Gut

Here are 5 unhealthy habits that can damage your stomach completely, and compromise your gut health! Check them out!

Not Exercising Regularly

Not working out regularly has several health benefits. These benefits include reducing our stress levels and the risk of chronic disease. According to the studies, exercising on a daily basis can help in the formation of good bacteria in the gut, thus promoting gut health.

Lack of Sleep

Not giving your body enough amount of sleep can harm your overall health in many ways. One of the worst side effects of sleep deprivation is poor gut health. It is important to note that our gut follows a daily circadian-like rhythm. When you don’t sleep properly, you end up disrupting your body clock, which may have harmful effects not only on your body but on your gut bacteria too.

Stress And Tension

Stress and tension contribute to some very dangerous health complications, one of which is poor gut health. Heightened levels of stress can diminish the population of health-promoting bacteria that thrives in our gut.

Consuming Too Much Alcohol

High consumption of alcohol can have some serious bad effects on your stomach health, thus compromising your gut too!

Not Eating Many Whole Foods

A diet which is deprived of whole foods can be bad for your gut health. Why so? It is because whole foods come packed with nutrients that help in the making of different types of bacteria, leading to diverse gut flora.

7 Warning Symptoms Your Gut Is In Danger

The above-mentioned daily habits can be harmful to your gut health. However, keeping a track of the symptoms that may show up when your gut is unhealthy can help you avert the complications to a great level. Here is a list of 10 symptoms of poor gut health:

  1. Stomach upset
  2. Extreme fatigue or tiredness
  3. Not able to sleep properly
  4. Extreme intolerance to some foods
  5. Extreme food cravings, mostly sugary items
  6. Unexplained weight gain or loss
  7. Skin irritations

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