Was Christel Mccaskey Married To Michael McCaskey?

Was Christel Mccaskey Married To Michael McCaskey? Husband & Children With Former Bears President

Christel McCaskey’s husband is rumored to be Michael McCaskey, and she is in the spotlight as a result of her brother’s selection as the Chicago Bears’ head coach.

Christel McCaskey is best known as the sister of American football coach Matt Eberflus. He was recently in the news after the Chicago Bears expressed interest in hiring him as their new head coach.

As soon as the news broke, the internet went crazy, and heated debates erupted about the selection process. He is currently the Colts’ defensive coordinator in the National Football League. As a result, his family members have piqued his interest.

Here’s what we know about Christel McCaskey, his sister.



Was Christel McCaskey Husband Michael McCaskey?

Despite the fact that details about Christel McCaskey’s marital life are not readily available on the internet, it is widely assumed that she was married to sports executive Michael McCaskey. It is impossible to confirm because there are no credible sources addressing the rumors.

Michael was the chairman of the Chicago Bears, and there have been rumors that the Mccaskey family had some sort of relationship with him. This sparked speculation that the family’s eldest daughter was married to him. However, until reliable news is released, these are just rumors.

Her brother Matt is married to Kelly Eberflus, and the couple has been together for a long time. They have two daughters who are over the age of 20.


Christel McCaskey Children

Just like her married life and husband, her children are also out of the spotlight. The details regarding them are still a matter of curiosity among her brother’s fans and followers.

However, Matt Eberflus has two children, Giada Eberflus and Grace Eberflus. The two beautiful daughters are Christine’s much-loved nieces and are no less than her own kids.

The internet has very less information on Matt’s family members, hence netizens will have to wait for the details to get disclosed.


Christel McCaskey Family – Matt Eberflus’ Sister

Christel McCaskey’s family consists of her parents, brothers, and sister. There is no information available on her family after her wedding, so, her immediate family is the ones she connected with blood.

She was born to Stanley Eberflus and Joanne Eberflus in  Toledo, Ohio, United States. With a famous brother Matt, the celebrity sister has other two siblings. They are named  Mark Eberflus and Cindy McClure. Even so, there is very little known about them.

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