Was Robert Atkins Charged After Being Arrested? Robert Atkins is a criminal who got busted on the charge of killing the woman.

Was Robert Atkins Charged After Being Arrested? Joy Hibbs Murderer Is Alive Not Dead

Atkins is the neighbor of Joy Hibbs, and they were close to each other. Robert Atkins got charged with killing Joy after his ex-wife came forward and told every murder detail, saying, “Robert had come with blood on his clothes,” and also opened up to her about stabbing someone that day.

The criminal has been arrested in the case of first-degree murder case and sent to Jail. However, he seems to have a lifelong punishment to stay behind bars. Joy’s family is asking for a strict sentence for murdering their family members.

Moreover, the murderer seems addicted to taking different substances like drugs, Hashish, and weed. A police officer has revealed that they were caught with other harmful substances, including Marijuana while arresting them.

However, there is not enough personal information about the criminal on the internet and social media. It seems like the murderer is relatively inactive on social media, whereas he has kept all his information secrets.


Was Robert Atkins Charged After Being Arrested?


On May 26, the authorities announced that 56 years old Robert Atkins had got arrested on the charge of the murder case.

Criminal Robert killed Joy Hibbs, and she was found dead in her son’s burning bedroom in 1991. The police reported that someone beat, stabbed, and likely touched the mother of two before torching the home.

However, the police officer arrested Robert Atkins and arson in this case for further investigation.

Robert Atkins,56, was charged with several offenses related to the violent murder of Joy Hibbs, 35, announced by the Bucks COuntry District Attorney’s Office. Authorities sys ‘Aktis’ who lived two houses down from Joy’s family, was one of several suspects in the initial stage of the investigation.

Furthermore, the decision to charge Robert came after a five months grand jury investigation which began in January with the witness of intercepted phone calls between Atkins and his ex-wife.

Did Joy Hibbs Murderer Die In 2020?

Joy Hibbs Murder is behind bars and is still alive as of July 26, 2022.

On May 25, 2022, 56 years old Robert Francis Atkins got charged with first-degree murder, second-degree murder, and robbery in connection to Joy’s 1991 demise. As of the recent report, he is behind bars at the Bucks Country Jail in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

The criminal is serving his crime in Jail, and the fake news regarding his death is just a rumor. As of his crime, he will be in police custody for more than five years as of July 26, 2022.

Moreover, recent information about criminal Robert is yet to be published online. He has been behind bars for many years, so much information is not on the internet.

More On Robert Atkins Family

The Murderer, Robert Atkins, has kept his family information anonymous from the internet and social.

However, we try to search deep to find his mother and father’s information but currently, there is no data about them. However, we were able to find out her ex-wife, who helped the police find out the murderer.

Furthermore, Just like another criminal, Robert might have also kept his personal life private from the internet from internet and social media. He cannot be found on popular social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

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