What Illness Did Michael Gerson Die Of? The Council on Foreign Relations once employed Gerson as a senior associate.

He also worked as a visiting fellow at the Center for Public Justice, a fellow with One Campaign, and a fellow with One Campaign in addition to penning op-eds for The Washington Post.

Michael served as President George W. Bush’s principal speechwriter, senior policy advisor, and White House Iraq Group member.

He helped draft George W. Bush’s second inaugural address, which advocated neo-conservative nation-building and international involvement to advance democracy in developing countries.

A PBS television discussion program with a conservative political slant called In Principle, which had eight episodes, was co-hosted by Gerson and commentator Amy Holmes in 2018.

Michael Gerson Health Condition Before Death

Michael Gerson had kidney Cancer, which later became the cause of his death. He discovered kidney Cancer in 2013 and continued to live with it.

On November 17, 2022, he passed away from Cancer at a hospital in Washington at age 58.

In February 2019, Michael, a columnist for the Washington Post and a frequent contributor to the PBS NewsHour, admitted that he suffers from depression.

Gerson preached as a guest in front of worshipers at Washington’s National Cathedral the same week and explained declining a previous invitation.

Michael Gerson health
Michael Gerson admitted that he suffered from depression in February 2019. (Source: Harry Walker Agency)

Early February would have been “considerably less fascinating” if he had preached then, he claimed, because he was being treated for depression in the hospital. Or perhaps, while being less clear, it would have been more entertaining.

Gerson discussed how his brain chemistry had caused him to develop negative thoughts about himself and his relationships with others.

He did it to help the many Americans who experience “this insidious, chronic sickness.” In his sermon, he noted that sadness “may grow inside you like a tumor over time.”

Gerson joined Judy Woodruff on Tuesday to talk about how he has battled depression for many years. I believed I was dealing, like many people,” he admitted.

However, he claimed that following hospitalization for his sickness, he decided to go public since he felt there shouldn’t be any shame.

What Illness Did Michael Gerson Die Of?

According to The Post’s obituary, Michael Gerson passed away Thursday at a Washington hospital. Gerson passed away at the age of 58 from cancer-related complications.

The Washington Post columnist spent more than 20 years discussing conservative politics and religion and was a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush.

An author and devout Christian, Gerson joined the Bush Campaign in 1999 and contributed to the creation of the former president’s speeches, which were heavily influenced by morality and religion.

Michael Gerson health
Michael Gerson, Washington Post columnist, dies at the age of 58. (Source: The Hill)

The Post claims that Gerson and Bush, who was likewise devout, had a close relationship. Bush expressed his “heartbreak” over Gerson’s passing on Thursday in a statement.

He was a fantastic writer, and Bush claimed he was blessed to have him as his principal speechwriter and valued counsel for so long.

“His large heart added to his sharp mind. As a result, Mike used the power of the pen to advance excellent policy rather than only writing about it.

Throughout his presidency, Gerson assisted Bush in creating well-known and impactful speeches in the wake of numerous disasters.

Softer times also occurred. Gerson compared democracy to a “seed upon the wind, taking root in many nations” in Bush’s first inaugural speech.

He was also the author of the well-known Bush quote from a Campaign speech promising to end “the soft bigotry of low expectations” in minority and low-income children’s education. Home 

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