Delmicron is the name given to the newly discovered double mutation variation of COVID-19.

Despite an increase in “highly mutated” Omicron cases in countries around the world, the Delta variant remains a threat. Although it has been asserted that the Omicron variant of covid has spread significantly more than the Delta variant, another variant, Delmicron has been observed.

Delmicron is a combination of Delta and Omicron that can transmit messages at even faster speeds than Delta. According to reports, Delmicron, one of the twin spikes of Delta and Omicron, has caused a mini tsunami of cases in Europe and the United States [1].

What Is Delmicron? How Is It Different From Omicron COVID-19 Variant? Know The Symptoms To Expect

What Is Delmicron?

Delmicron is one of the Covid double variants that is rapidly spreading in the West. COVID-19’s Delta Variant and Omicron Variant are currently found all over the world, including Nigeria. As a result, this name was created by combining both of them.

How Is Delmicron Different From Omicron COVID-19 Variant?

Omicron is a highly mutated B.1.1.529 strain of SARS-CoV-2 that was discovered in South Africa. According to research, this variant spreads faster and currently has milder symptoms than Delta. Furthermore, the mortality rate is significantly lower than in the Delta variant. At the same time, Delmicron was created by combining Delta and Omicron, which is the equivalent of the world’s twin spike of variants, and this is how Delmicron differs from Omicron.

Is Delmicron Riskier Than Other Variants?

A weakened immune system, advancing age, and comorbidities can all increase the risk of concurrent infection with Delta and Omicron. Furthermore, areas with low vaccination rates may be more vulnerable [2].

Furthermore, it is possible that those recovering from Covid are at a higher risk of co-infection. Delta derivatives are currently the most common variants available in India. Omicron is rapidly replacing Delta in other parts of the world. However, predicting how Delta derivatives will perform in India is impossible.

Symptoms of Delmicron

There are no different symptoms, Delmicron is simply a nomenclature created by combining the Delta and Omicron versions of coronavirus. Omicron or Delta variant sufferers usually experience similar signs which include;

• an extremely high temperature

• a chronic cough

• a loss or alteration of your sense of smell or taste

• dizziness or headache

• a stuffy nose

• throat ache

According to research, both the Delta and Omicron variants are easily transmissible. In fact, according to a study conducted by UK government scientists, Britons who contract the Omicron variant of the coronavirus are less likely to become severely ill than those who contract Delta.

More Details About Omicron in the video below

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