What Is Kene Holliday Doing Now After Retirement? He is best known for his role in Matlock. Kene Holliday is not sick, but he has a drinking problem. He is now retired from acting and living a peaceful life with his wife.

What Is Kene Holliday Doing Now After Retirement? Explore His Wife, Illness & Health Update Kene Holliday is a native of Amityville ( Source : Cultfaction )

He has faded from public consciousness over the year, but his character in Matlock remains evergreen, as audiences cannot forget his endearing portrayal of Tyler Hudson, a police investigator.

He had idolized his co-star, TV veteran Andy Griffith, since he was eleven years old, and the series fulfilled his dream.


What Is Kene Holliday Doing Now After Retirement?

American actor of stage, film, and television Kene Holliday is living peacefully after his untimely retirement in 2015.

Before getting his big break, he got enamored by the history of theater as he joined hands with the Inaugural Theater Group.

Although his troubles with drugs and alcohol put a halt to his activities, he still worked on numerous projects like The Incredible Hulk, Quincy, M.E., Lou Grant, Soap, and Kojak, to name a few.

Moreover, he also lent his voice to the famous 1980s cartoon series, G.I. Joe, while providing the voice of Roadblock.

Before becoming a missionary, he published a book of poetry in 1998 but persisted as a round-the-clock caregiver for his mother, taking the lead role in the movie Great World of Sound for the final time.

Kene Holliday Illness & Health Update- Is He Sick?

Kene Holliday does not have problems with his health, but his mother got Alzheimer’s and passed away at 80. As the disease is not inheritable, he is out of danger.

But, his nighttime habits of drinking have accumulated enough toxins to set off a chain of organ failure.

His addiction to the liquid was so severe that it was the reason behind his first divorce as it continued till he met his now wife, Copling.

In an interview with The New York Times, he recalled how he got fired from the set of Matlock as he struggled to do voiceover at nine in the morning.

It was a needed wake-up call as he had to pull himself together, eventually becoming a traveling evangelist.

The sobriety aided him in moving to New York and taking care of his dying mom, ultimately becoming a spokesperson for the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.

Is Kene Holliday Still Married To Linda Copling? Wife Details

After three failed attempts, Kene Holliday finally found his forever person after marrying his wife, Linda Copling, and they are still together.

They first met in the 90s when she took up the pledge to get him off alcohol and grew closer together.

Known for her book, Woman of God: A Dedicated Vessel: A Memoir, they tied the knot in 1996 and spent the rest of their lives traveling around the globe and teaching people gospel music.

But the path to his soulmate did not come easy as he had previously got smitten by his first wife, Janifer Baker, an actress.

Even though their passion ran hot, she passed away in 1984 after suffering from a terminal illness but remains forever alive through her work on the crime drama sports film Penitentiary II.

Before their divorce, the parents had one child as she could not cope with his constant drinking.

Next, he got involved with Dolly, a non-celebrity woman, and again became parents before their separation in three years.

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