What Is The S Slur Meaning On TikTok? The S Slur is a topic of discussion on TikTok that tend to spread hatred towards disabled people, according to the TikTok user elthebastard.

What Is The S Slur Meaning On TikTok? Twitter Band Slur "Groomer"

Slur is the word that addresses a specific group of people in a very offensive way. Now and then internet sees many slurs being viral as it has become a part of internet culture which is regarded as the dark side of the internet.


What Is ‘The S Slur’ Meaning On TikTok?

According to a video uploaded by a TikTok user, elthebastard, the S slur is a very offensive vocabulary that has offended him in the past and will still offend people like him if used again.

Elthebastard uploaded a 40-second video on 20th February 2022 explaining why they wouldn’t reveal the meaning of the S slur. They said that they were not going to admit what the S slur was just because they don’t want people who are not very great people purposefully to use it to trigger an upset, them and other disabled people.

@elthebastard Reply to @gummyoongay ♬ original sound – elthebastard

They also said it was still quite a touchy word for them and quite a few other people who’ve been called it a lot in the past. And so they don’t want people being able to use that as well to hurt disabled people because it’s not a nice word.

S Word Urban Dictionary Meaning

As mentioned by elthebastard, the S word is an inappropriate word that shouldn’t be uttered as it is offensive for disabled people. However, the urban dictionary has a different meaning for the s word. It indicates a word, spimply, that refers to a red-neck worker who enjoys munching on our hot dogs.

It was developed in the late 1800s when the extraordinary theater play titled among us, written by the Inner cloth designers, caused the word among us to go viral. Eight characters were introduced in the theater play, eight of whom were clothed differently, and one was an impostor trying to kill the others.

This later inspired other playwrights to develop genres very similar to this one, which later gave rise to the murder mystery genre.

Twitter Band Slur “Groomer” From Its Platform Considering It As A Hate Speech Against LGBTQ Community

The word “grooming,” which the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children defines as when someone develops a relationship, trust, and emotional connection with a child or young person to manipulate, exploit, and abuse them, is frequently used to make accusations that LGBTQ people and their allies are pedophiles.

Due to its use as a weapon online, the phrase is now virtually always heard on social media. After data from the social media site Reddit was studied, it was discovered that discussions of “grooming” in conjunction with other LGBTQ epithets had increased by about 100% since the start of the year, commencing in early March and picking up speed in mid-to-late March.

Twitter provided a statement with a message confirming that it was now against its hate speech policy to refer to transgender or non-binary people as “groomers.” As a result, they have banned the phrase from their platform effective from the start of this week.

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