Where Is Charles Bronson And Michael Adebolajo Now? Charlie Bronson, one of the most infamous prisoners in the country, has spent the majority of the last 40 years in prison after committing a series of heinous crimes.

Where Is Charles Bronson And Michael Adebolajo Now? Charges, Prison & Jail Time In Details

The Yorkshire Ripper and Lee Rigby’s killer are both being held in the same facility as Britain’s most dangerous prisoner, according to reports.

Now that Bronson is incarcerated, he will share a cell with some of the most notorious criminals in the country, including Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper, serial killer Levi Bellfield, Michael Adebolajo, the Lee Rigby killer, and Ian Huntley, the Soham murderer.


Where Is Charles Bronson And Michael Adebolajo Now? Prison Details

Charlie Bronson, currently serving life imprisonment, recently moved to another prison where inmate Michael Adebolajo is being held.

However, there rose a baseless rumor on the internet about Charles Bronson attacking Michael Adebolajo. But as of now, the news seems to be a made-up thing and lacks enough ground.

Meanwhile, Levi Bellfield boasted about how Bronson “terrorized” him while both were held in isolation at Wakefield Prison. He also stated in a letter that Charlie Bronson is still perving over young males.

Michael Adebolajo is in jail because of the slaughtering of a British Army soldier, Fusilier Lee Rigby, in May 2013, and he has been in prison since then. While he was in Belmarsh prison, somebody attacked him, resulting in severe injury and hospitalization.

One of the two men, Michael Adebolajo, suspected of killing soldier Lee Rigby outside Woolwich Barracks, is said to have suffered injuries in an assault within Belmarsh Prison.

The prison service said that the incident happened on July 17, 2013, but declined to corroborate rumors that Adebolajo had lip injuries or that corrections officers had singled him out for attack. According to the BBC, the 28-year-old inmate Adebolajo was reportedly undergoing medical care after losing two teeth.

Charles Bronson Charges – What You Need To Know

Initially imprisoned in 1974 for armed robbery, Charles Bronson, his actual name is Michael Peterson.

Since his first time behind bars, he has held hostages in ten prison sieges, assaulted at least 20 corrections officers, and wreaked £500,000 in damage during rooftop demonstrations.

At HMP Hull in 1999, he kidnapped prison art instructor Phil Danielson when he criticized one of his works and, after being taken, was a prisoner. The jury sentenced him to life imprisonment.

He has spent most of the last 43 years in prison, including 37 years in solitary confinement. In November, he married soap actress Paula Williamson in the chapel at the Yorkshire prison.

Michael Adebolajo Jail Time In Details

The Romford local Adebolajo is charged with murdering Rigby on May 22 in Woolwich Barracks in southeast London. Alongside him is Greenwich resident Michael Adebowale, aged 22.

The assault happened at Woolwich’s Wellington Street, close to the walls of the Royal Artillery Barracks, where Rigby was stationed. He arrived at Woolwich Arsenal station at 14:10 and was heading toward the Barracks while going down Wellington Street.

Adebolajo and Adebowale drove over him with a car before stabbing and hewing him to death with knives and a cleaver. Then they pulled Rigby’s body onto the street and stayed there until the cops showed there. Both men received life sentences on February 26, 2014.

Additional allegations against Adebolajo include possessing a handgun intending to spread fear among others and the attempted murder of two police officers.

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