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The complicated history of how Shania Twain swapped husbands with best  friend after... - Smooth

Robert Mutt Lange, now 73, was having an affair with her longtime secretary and close friend Marie-Anne Thiébaud. Following the famous incident, Marie decided to stay out of the spotlight.

Where Is Marie Anne Thiebaud And Mutt Lange Now?

Shania Twain’s close friend Marie Anne is a well-known singer. When Shania learned that her husband, Robert John Lange, was reportedly having an extramarital affair with Marie, her best friend, her life was turned upside down.

The renowned songwriter and producer Robert Mutt Lange caused controversy with his love life. Along with his then-wife Shania, he co-produced several tracks, including the best-selling album Come On Over from 1997.


Where Is Mutt Lange Now?

Originally from Zambia, Robert John Mutt Lange is a music producer and songwriter. Although Lange was reared in South Africa, she was born in Zambia in November 1948. His German mother and South African father give him a mixed heritage.

Early in his career, Mutt was exposed to country music and has collaborated with musicians such as Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, Bryan Adams, Britney Spears, and Michael Bolton. He has received multiple Grammy Awards for his work.

In the brand-new trailer for her Netflix documentary Not Just a Girl, Shania Twain discussed her traumatic divorce from her unfaithful ex-husband Robert Mutt Lange.

The 56-year-old singer spoke about the heartbreaking moment she discovered that Robert, now 73, was having an affair with Marie-Anne Thiébaud, her longtime secretary and close friend.

Where Is Marie Anne Thiebaud Now?

It’s still believed that Marie and Robert are living together in Switzerland. Many people know Marie-Anne Thiebaud as Shania Twain’s close friend and longtime assistant. She worked as Shania’s helper, managing her 46-room chateau in Switzerland, and was a close friend of the family.

Shania’s youngster was also cared for by Marie-Ann whenever the country singer had to travel. Other information about her past hasn’t been revealed.



According to some stories, the two women were age-mates and had comparable interests. Together, they went to social gatherings as well.

After abandoning her best friend by beginning a relationship with her husband, Robert Mutt, Thiebaud earned a bad reputation. The internet users referred to her as a wife-snatcher.

Mutt Lange’s Affair Scandal

Shania was shocked to learn about Marie-Anne and Lange’s covert connection, and she had to deal with the betrayal of her spouse and her best friend.

Frederick Thiebaud, Marie’s husband, initially told her the terrible news. A strange hotel bill, phone bill, and sexy lingerie set were found in Fred’s wife’s suitcase, which eventually proved his darkest suspicions.

When Fred approached his wife and her boyfriend, they refused to inform Shania about the situation. After several weeks, he finally told Twain about the relationship. The songbird acknowledges that she initially hid the affair from Marie-Anne and even called her to offer her an opportunity to tell her about it.

But because she lied to Shania, this did not occur. She also inquired about Marie-opinion Anne’s of her husband’s odd behavior following his recent divorce request. Marie-Anne was determined to keep her identity a secret.

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