Where Is Nikki Glaser From Is She Jewish?  Few people know that Nikki has previously portrayed a Jewish woman. Find out about her religion and faith below!

Where Is Nikki Glaser From Is She Jewish? Ethnicity, Religion, Faith And Parents Details

Nikki Glaser is a stand-up comic, actress, and podcast host. She rose to prominence as the host of the Bravo TV shows Not Safe with Nikki Glaser and Blind Date. She has also appeared on two seasons of Last Comic Standing and Dancing with the Stars in the past.

Celebrities are frequently the subject of rumors or urban tales. Glaser is also been speculated to be Jewish. When did the rumor start? This is what we know so far.


Where Is Nikki Glaser From, Is She Jewish? Her Religion And Faith Details

Nikki Glaser has long been suspected of being Jewish. However, in reality, she is not.

The actress has once replied to a tweet that called her Jewish. In 2016, a user, @TheAngus had mentioned her in a tweet that said;

“@NikkiGlaser  Good lord, you are firing on all cylinders right now. Amazing show. Incredible sex-positive voice. Great podcast. Jewish! TY”

The actress was quick to reply to the user highlighting the term. She had replied by saying: “I’m not Jewish! But thanks for the others!”. This clearly proves that she is not Jewish.



Nevertheless, as a stand-up comedian, Glaser has often joked about the Jewish cultures. In addition, she has also been cast as a Jewish girl in past. She had played a role in the stage act of The Diary of Anne Frank. Perhaps, the rumors of her being Jewish had circulated after she was cast as the Jewish town girl B.


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Talking about her religion, she does not follow a specific one, despite having faith in god. She has previously stated that when people inquire about her religion, she responds, “I enjoy everything except a country.”

Who Are Nikki Glaser’s Parents?

Nikki Glaser was born to Edward J. Glaser and Julie E. Glaser on June 1, 1984, in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.


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The highly accomplished comedian has often talked about her parents in past. Also, Episode 8 of Fathering Experience has provided many details about her family life. She and her sister Lauren have felt fortunate to have EJ Glaser as their father.

Mr. Glaser is professionally a musician and singer. According to LinkedIn, he also works as a Senior VP of Business Development at Collection Experts Inc.

Nikki Glaser’s Ethnicity & Origin

Nikki Glaser belongs to the Caucasian race. She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.

According to her Wikipedia bio, Glaser has German and Irish ancestry in her family. Her birth name is Nicole Rene “Nikki” Glaser.

As of now, we can find the comedian on Instagram, where she goes by the handle name @nikkiglaser. Her profile has amassed a total of 852k followers.

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