Who Is Betty Cronin From TV Dinner?  Betty Cronin was the mother of the TV dinner. She was also well-known as a bacteriologist with Swanson & Sons. Learn more about her Wikipedia page and the cause of her death down below. So stick with us until the end.

Who Is Betty Cronin From TV Dinner? Wikipedia, Family And Husband

Betty Cronin is well-known for her work as a bacteriologist for “Swanson and Sons.” She is the mother of the TV dinner. Cronin was the person in the Swanson organization in charge of making it work, regardless of who came up with the idea.

As a bacteriologist, she joined Swanson in the 1950s. She earned a bacteriology degree from Duchesne University. She worked her way up to become the director of product development.


Who Is Betty Cronin From TV Dinner? Wikipedia

According to Betty Cronin’s Wikipedia, she is the mother of TV dinner. In 1954, two brothers, Gilbert C. and W. Clarke Swanson designed and sold the first TV supper, which they fittingly dubbed “Swanson’s TV Dinners.”



The first TV dinner was made in the United States and featured a cornbread dressing, sweet potatoes, frozen peas, and a Thanksgiving meal of turkey. 

Betty worked for Swanson and then Campbell Soup, which acquired Swanson, where Cronin was director of cooking soups & later director of Campbell’s Microwave Institute.

Her task at Swanson in 1953 was to come up with recipes for potatoes, vegetables, and meats that could be frozen & cooked at the same time. 

Betty Cronin Death Cause: What Happened To Her?

Betty Cronin was born on July 12th, 1928, and died in 2016 at age 88 years. Her family, however, has not unveiled her exact death cause. 



Cronin was one of the persons that helped Swanson’s TV dinner come to reality. She worked for Swanson and Campbell Soup Company her entire life, developing the first Swanson chicken TV meal.

Besides this, she is also the director of Camden’s Campbell Microwave Institute. She’s an American mother figure with her white hair and large, ruddy face. 

But sadly, Cronin passed away peacefully in 2016. 

Betty Cronin Family And Husband

Betty Cronin was born to parents Janet and Raymond Cronin. However, nothing is known about her parents’ details because she has never spoken about them. She had been Irene Milewski’s buddy for many years.

Betty Cronin was married, but no information about her husband is available. Her spouse prefers a low-key existence & keeps his details private. Similarly, there is no information regarding her children, so it is unclear whether the pair has any.

We’re keeping tabs on obtaining information on her family & will let you know if we uncover anything useful.

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