Who Is Dollysyaa On TikTok? Dollysyaa is a content creator on TikTok who is being heavily searched on the internet after being linked to a viral video.

Who Is Dollysyaa On TikTok? Know Why Esyaa Is Viral On TikTok

She have 118k followers on tiktok. She claimed that her previous channel got banned permanently. There is a video on her TikTok page that shows she had four accounts on TikTok, and because of some reason, all of those accounts got banned.

She has created her current account recently and has started to post videos in bulk since June 20.


Who Is Dollysyaa On TikTok?

Dollysyaa is a TikTok content creator who makes lipsync videos on different famous songs. Based on her writings on TikTok, she is supposed to be from Malaysia.

She is extremely popular on social media platforms. Despite her main account being banned permanently, she has accumulated more than a hundred thousand followers in 10 days.

Dollysyaa Age and Instagram

Her actual name is Estate. She hasn’t posted about her lie on social media platforms. Almost all of her posts on TikTok are lipsync videos which are her primary content. She also hasn’t said anything about her birthday. However, judging from her appearance, she seems to be 18 to 22 years old.


@dollysyaa♬ Jomblo Ditinggal Mati – Wali

She has posted just one picture on her Instagram. She is more popular on TikTok as it is her primary platform for content creation. She goes by the user name esyaa.z on Instagram. She has gained 21k followers on her Instagram account.

Why Is Esyaa From TikTok Viral?

She is heavily searched on the internet because she is suspected to be in a youtube video where the girl is exposing her private parts. The video is very low quality, so it isn’t easy to know the girl’s identity.

However, it is not proven that the girl who appeared in the youtube video is Esyaa.

Dollysyaa’s Wikipedia And Biography

Dollysyaa is still an anonymous girl from TikTok as there is no information about her on the internet. It is only known that she used to have four different accounts on TikTok, which have been banned permanently.

Besides that, she seems to be originated from Malaysia because of the language she uses. She could be from a Muslim background as she is seen wearing a dress resembling Hijab.

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