Who Is Luca Casadei Podcast Host? Continue reading down to know about his Wikipedia, bio, how old his age is and his family background!  

Who Is Luca Casadei Podcast Host? Find Out His Age, Family And Wikipedia

One of the pioneers of the digital genre, which is in many ways still difficult to define and, more importantly, is constantly changing, is Luca Casadei, a former television manager and the founder of several web agencies.

When we talk about where Luca started and where he is now, his story is as thrilling as a novel. This piece will provide some insight into this well-known podcast host. To learn the entire story, keep reading!


Explore Luca Casadei Wikipedia – Know Him Bettter

WebStarsChannel (WSC), a veritable hotbed of talented “content creators,” was founded and is led by Luca Casadei. The man is a founding partner of the web hub Luca Casadei Management, which is based in the Milan area of Italy. The company was started by him in January 1998.

According to the company’s biography, Luca Casadei Management is the most significant booking agency in Italy and manages both celebrities and talents.

From February 2016 to December 2017, Luca served as a co-founding partner of H48. After that, from July 2017 to the present, he has been serving as the CEO, president, and co-founder of Grow Up Network. The headquarters of Grow Up Network are in Milan, Italy.

Luca worked as a co-founding partner of H48 from February 2016 to December 2017. Afterward, he began working as a CEO, president, and co-founding partner of Grow Up Network from July 2017 to the present. Grow Up Network is situated in Milano, Italy.

Casadei is also a CEO, president & founding partner of Web Stars Channel, which he established in December 2012. WSC is a media company in Milan Area, Italy, that houses several other media hubs, including Defhouse.

Italian influencers who are just starting can call Milan’s Defhouse home. Seven influencers, all between the ages of 16 and 19, are currently using Defhouse, which was created to be the “ideal set for producing content,” to increase their fan bases on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

The media company Web Stars Channel (WSC), which conceptualized Defhouse, asserts that the building is the first of its kind to appear in Italy. People staying at the house will be required to take classes on sustainability and be urged to learn about careers outside social media.

Defhouse, according to WSC founder Luca Casadei, is distinctive in that it encourages influencers to concentrate on creating content with substance and depth.

What To Know About Luca Casadei Podcast Host Age And Family


When Luca saw a girl beating up one of them in the disco, he had his first insight into all these digital hubs (security agency, Milanese nightclubs, management of TV personalities). At the time, he recognized the importance of seizing and maximizing opportunities.

Luca asserts that in order to succeed, one must research the competition, spot its weaknesses, and address them. He continued by saying that it is crucial to work with respectable people who appreciate what you do.

The meeting with Frank Matano, according to Luca, is famous for having opened his eyes. He claimed that there was an untapped market for YouTubers eager to make money off of their skills.

The man is also famous for his podcast named “One More Time.” It is a platform for genuine conversation with trustworthy people about music. The podcast has its Instagram account, followed by 22.1K followers.

Luca Casadei is 45 years old. Even though the webmaster has not revealed much about his family details, he sure has captured the digital market with his evolving and growing business.

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