NPR Journalist Tamara Keith, co-hosts the NPR Politics Podcast, America’s most popular political news talk show, and has been covering the White House for NPR since 2014.

Who Is NPR Journalist Tamara Keith? Husband, Family Life, Net Worth And Salary 2022

During this time, she has documented the final years of the Obama administration as well as Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign. Tamara has also covered the entirety of Trump’s presidency, from tweet-driven policy to the president’s COVID assessment and the uprising. Tamara focused her reporting on the White House’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Keith has given us breaking news regarding worldwide vaccine sharing and proposals for the dispersion of vaccines to kids under the age of 12 in the last year of the Trump presidency and the first year of the Biden government. Keith, the agency’s vice president, was chosen as part of the White House Correspondents’ Association board in 2018.

In the past, Keith focused on House Republican issues when reporting on Congress for NPR.


Who Is NPR Journalist Tamara Keith?

It is difficult for a person to handle the hardships and stress that come with being a journalist.

However, a select few make doing this look like a piece of cake. One such person is Tamara Keith, Radio Host, and an American journalist. Keith presently works as the NPR White House correspondent. She is well revered for all the years she has given to impartial and unbiased journalism.

Thanks to all the years she has been a part of this field, Tamara has strong opinions on political matters. Although Tamara Keith is a well-known and respected public author, very little is known about her private life and relationship.

Tamara Keith Husband Ira Gordon and Family Life

She has always chosen to be vocal about her work. However, she has managed to keep her love life hidden in the shadow.

Tamara Keith, 42, is married to Ira Gordon. He was her boyfriend and was the man who managed to make her smile even on her most challenging days.

Ira Gordon, Keith’s spouse, is a veterinarian and cancer investigator. Ira resides in Virginia with his wonderful wife Tamara, a journalist for National Public Radio, his two boys, and “Cokie Roberts,” a cute but very naughty rescued Hound mix. Ira is a considerable nerd overall, as indicated by his passion for Star Wars and The Big Lebowski, in addition to radiation oncology.

Gordon likes to play and teach sports, cook on the grill or over a fire, and occasionally make himself seem foolish by attempting to recall how to play the guitar. Keith, who was reared as a Methodist, converted to her partner’s faith of Judaism.

There is hardly any information or details about their marriage on social media sites. However, as per several sources, they had been together since college. Tamara Keith and her husband have two beautiful kids together.


Tamara brought to life her second boy in April 2018. Their son was named Gibson and weighed seven pounds at birth. There are, however, no details about their first child. All that is known is that the first child is seven years old.

Tamara Keith and her husband share a happy and peaceful married life with their two children. Although Keith is a very busy woman, she manages to spare time for her family. Without sharing personal details and her relationship and family, she has found solace and a happy place.

Tamara Keith Net Worth And Salary 2022

Tamara Keith is a journalist, presenter, and producer and has a highly striking presence.

On NPR radio, she may regularly be heard. She originally started working for NPR as a business correspondent in 2009. We can find her addressing a massive spectrum of other significant news events, such as the earthquake in Haiti, demonstrating that she has not restricted herself to just economics and business.

Additionally, Tamara has experience with KPCC Southern California Public Radio and KQED in San Francisco. She co-hosts the “B-side Radio” program on public radio in conjunction with this. Tamara, therefore, has a great profession and a respectable income.



Her real income has not, however, been made public. Nonetheless, her net worth is speculated to be between 700k dollars to 0.8 million dollars.

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