Who Was Rex Frank To Sarah Washington?  Rex Frank shot and killed Sarah Washington in her own apartment in Kankakee. Murder In Hartland’s new episode includes updates on the tragic event. Updates on the tragic event comes up on Murder In Hartland new episode.

Murder Case - Where Is Rex Frank  Now?
Image of Sarah Washington

An Illinois model Sarah Washington faced a tragic death in 2014, which created headlines.

As of 2022, the latest episode of “Murder In Heartland” has put forward her tragic death case among the TV viewers. Hence, her name has become a trending matter on the web recently.

Stay together as we bring you with all the findings into her case here below.


What Happened To Sarah Washington From Kankakee?

Sarah Washington was from Kankakee, Illinois, and was living in the same city at the time of her death.

She was a bright young lady with a promising medical career and professional modeling days ahead. Sadly, she was shot to death on a June afternoon when she was supposed to be at her work.

Her mother had found her dead in her apartment on June 26 after she had failed to receive calls and go to her work at a medical center.

The end of a bright and inspiring career woman had shocked the whole city as Sarah was a star in her circle.

Who Was Rex Frank To Sarah Washington?

Sarah Washington was found to have been shot to death by a killer named Rex Frank. Rex was Sarah’s boyfriend’s friend.

Rex’s misdeeds were not found until he shot another man named Rian Maiden a few days later. Rex’s second victim, Rian, was murdered and robbed of his ATM card, from which Rex had bought jewelry for a woman he was dating.

Rian was also murdered the same way as Sarah; two bullets on the head, thus, concluding that Rex was the ultimate killer.

The police concluded that the mentally ill Rex had been targeting people to take over their money and valuable items.

Rex Frank Charges – Where Is He Now?

Who Was Rex Frank To Sarah Washington? Murder Case - Where Is He Now?
Photo Of Rex Frank The Murderer

Rex was sentenced to 45 years in jail in July 2015 after pleading guilty to first-degree murder but being mentally ill in the case of Rian.

After surviving a bungled heist in April 2014, he claimed he had post-traumatic stress disorder.

Rex allegedly shot one of the males engaged in the incident.

Rex, aged 26, was convicted of Sarah’s murder after a speedy trial in March 2019. As a result, he was condemned to life in jail. He is still detained at Menard Correctional Center in Randolph County, Illinois, according to records.


What Did Sarah Washington Boyfriend Greg Dismuke Say?

Sarah Washington’s boyfriend, Greg Dismuke, was one of the first people of interest in the murder case.

Greg had cooperated with the police and said that the killer Rex himself had informed him of Sarah’s murder. Further interrogations revealed that Rex had asked Greg for money and had even stopped by Sarah’s apartment.

On the other side, Greg has a violent history of being obsessive over Sarah and emotionally abusing her.

Greg has seemingly moved on from the tragedy while Rex is still incarcerated at Menard Correctional Center in Randolph County, Illinois.

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