Why Was Singer Stephanie Bolton Arrested In Memphis? Stephanie Bolton, a well-known singer, was arrested on August 29, 2022. She has been charged with attempted murder.

Why Was Singer Stephanie Bolton Arrested In Memphis? Criminal Cases & Bio Details

Bolton is well-known for her incredible lyrical ability. She is well-known for songs such as He’ll Bring You Out, Cling to Me, Do Me Right, and many others.

Bolton has also contributed to albums such as I Give My All, What Is This, The Closer I Get, It Won’t Hurt You, and I Love You, Lord.


Singer Stephanie Bolton Arrested In Memphis

Stephanie Bolton was arrested by police every Monday morning. She was arrested after an anonymous woman filed a harassment complaint against the singer.

The woman claims that the Memphis singer harassed her a few months ago. She claimed that on Saturday, as she was leaving Hotworx, Bolton attempted to shoot her.

The victim also claims that her friend’s quick thinking resulted in the recording of what would have resulted in the arrest of Memphis singer Stefanie Bolton for alleged attempted murder. The video of her encounter with Bolton shows the singer firing a gun at the woman’s vehicle.


About Singer’s Criminal Cases – Details

Stephanie Bolton has been charged with attempted murder. She was arrested after a lady complained about her.

Similarly, another woman who wishes to remain anonymous accuses the singer of harassment. She claimed it was the longest drive of her life because she was terrified for her life. “It went from harassing to stalking to pretty much-attempted murder,” the second victim told responding officers.

The victim also claims that Bolton made fun of her, pointed a gun at her head, and fired into the car at one point.

“When I walked out the door, she pretty much tried to run me over, attack me, trail me, she trailed me to the police station, right up the street from The Appling Station, she literally pointed the gun at my head, shot into my car,” the victim continued. It’s gone too far at that point.”

According to the police, the reason for Bolton’s erratic behavior is her ex-husband. According to reports, the incident was caused by the singer’s failed marriage.

The charges brought against Bolton are vandalism, attempted first-degree murder, and gun possession. The singer will make her debut on Monday at 9 a.m.


Stephanie Bolton Wiki And Bio

Stephanie Bolton is a professional singer and lyricist. She is based in Memphis, Tennessee.

Going by LinkedIn report, Bolton attended the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, where she studied music and communications. She began her musical career in 2003.

Bolton’s next show was scheduled for September 3. According to The Orpheum’s representative, the third party has not postponed the scheduled performance.

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