6 Anti-Inflammatory French Fry Recipes – If “always order fries for the table” is a life mantra you live by, we can relate.

Not that we ever needed an excuse to dive head-first into a bowl of steaming hot spuds, but one of the biggest barbecue holidays of the year—Labor Day—is right around the corner, which means whipping up a fresh batch of crispy, crunchy fries to serve alongside your grilled veggie burgers and wings is a no-brainer. Fire up the air fryer, put on your chillest pool-lounging outfit, and ready your dips for this roundup of delicious french fry recipes that’ll have you singing “Here Comes the Sun” long past September fifth.

From furikake-garnished taro to chili-lime jicama, these fries are far from ordinary. But if traditional spuds are more your vibe, we’ve included a sweet and savory garlic parmesan sweet potato fries recipe, plus a “cheesy” baked potato french fry rendition you won’t believe is vegan. Plus, these easy and flavor-filled french fry recipes are made with just a few ingredients and come packed with anti-inflammatory benefits, plus vitamins and minerals.

6 anti-inflammatory french fry recipes

1. Furikake Taro Fries

french fry recipes
Photo: Beyond the Noms

You may have eaten taro chips or flavored boba tea in the past, but these furikake taro fries by Beyond the Noms definitely take the cake. From the exterior, taro has a similar size and shape to a regular Idaho potato but has a tougher skin that resembles the texture of a coconut husk. However, inside is where the real magic happens: Taro’s flavor is eerily similar to a potato with a touch more sweetness. And when eaten as fries, the only thing that will keep you from thinking it’s not an ordinary spud is the fiber-like squiggles coating them. Not only do these hit the spot every time, but they also have about five grams of fiber per cup—regular potatoes only have about three—and tons of resistant starch that promotes gut health.

Although these taro fries taste great on their own, Jenny from Beyond the Noms tops them with furikake, a traditional umami-rich Japanese topping made from a mixture of seaweed, sesame seeds, and bonito (fish) flakes. However, if you’re looking for a similar garnish that is plant-based, you can always opt for Trader Joe’s Nori Komi Furikake Japanese Multi-Purpose Seasoning, which is gluten-free and vegan.

Get the recipe: Furikake Taro Fries

2. Baked Asparagus Fries

french fry recipes
Photo: Damn Delicious

Looking to sneak some extra veggies into your barbecue spread? These baked asparagus fries take just ten minutes to prep and a total of five ingredients to create. In the recipe by Damn Delicious, Chungah Rhee uses panko breadcrumbs to create a super crispy crust on tender pieces of asparagus. Like how you would make a schnitzel or Milanese, this recipe follows a flour-egg-breadcrumb order of operation. The result is sweet and crunchy asparagus fries packed with antioxidants and fiber for healthy digestion.

Get the recipe: Baked Asparagus Fries 

3. Garlicky Parsnip Fries

Photo: Well Plated

Give parsnips the love they deserve with this five-ingredient french fry recipe by Well Plated. It’s so simple yet full of flavor and filled with the tons of heart-healthy soluble and insoluble fiber. Garnished with garlic powder, parsley, and parmesan cheese, even the pickiest eaters will be lining up for seconds of this veggie-packed snack.

Get the recipe: Parsnip Fries

4. Garlic and Herb Polenta Fries

Photo: Half Baked Harvest

Surprisingly, polenta (which is none other than yellow cornmeal) is a powerful source of antioxidants like phenolic compounds, which can help reduce inflammation. “A higher intake of fruits, vegetables, and plant-based foods provides polyphenols and other bioactive compounds that could help reduce the risk of cognitive decline due to aging,” Cristina Andrés-Lacueva, PhD, professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences and head of the Biomarkers and Nutritional Metabolomics of Food Research Group of the UB, previously told Well+Good. So when your family begs you to make this super herbaceous and crunchy french fry recipe by Half Baked Harvest all summer long, it should really come as no surprise.

Get the recipe: Garlic Parmesan Herb Butter Polenta Fries with Lemon Aioli

5. “Cheesy” Chili Baked Potato Fries

Photo: Minimalist Baker

If you’re looking for that funky cheesy flavor but want to make it dairy-free, this recipe from Minimalist Baker does the trick with a surprise ingredient. Instead of adding cheddar cheese to these baked potato fries, Dana Shultz uses nutritional yeast that’s a great source of vitamin B12. Plus, a pinch of cayenne pepper adds a kick and packs a punch of antioxidants.

Get the recipe: Cheesy Chili Baked Potato Fries

6. Chili-Lime Jicama Fries

french fry recipes
Photo: A Sweet Pea Chef

Although it may look like a rounder, plumper version of a potato, jicama is a juicy and crunchy root vegetable that tastes sweeter and nuttier than an Idaho or russet spud. This highly nutritious veggie is full of prebiotic fiber and antioxidants (especially vitamin C), making these chili-lime jicama fries by A Sweet Pea Chef the perfect dish to balance the summer snack spread. Plus, it’s seasoned with a tangy, spicy, and zesty mix of lime, chili powder, and cumin that’s nearly impossible to turn down, IMO.

Get the recipe: Easy Baked Jicama Fries

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