Cancer Battle: How Old Was WFTV Reporter Angela Jacobs Age?  Angela Jacobs, a well-known journalist, died on Tuesday evening after a battle with cancer. Here’s everything you need to know about Jacobs, an American singer.

Cancer Battle: How Old Was WFTV Reporter Angela Jacobs Age? Husband, Wiki, & Net Worth Explored

Angela Jacobs, a Channel 9 reporter, succumbed to metastatic breast cancer after a valiant battle. She had weeks of radiation, four operations, and 56 treatments, according to WFTV.

Jacobs who once won Emmy eventually fought the sickness and was in remission for nearly two years. However, cancer resurfaced earlier this year. She battled another battle, this time with chemotherapy and experimental medicines.

She covered everything from hurricanes to Super Bowls including the World Series during her broadcast journalistic career. Jacobs joined Channel 9 in 2013 as a general assignment reporter.


Cancer Battle: How Old Was WFTV Reporter Angela Jacobs Age? Wiki Details

The age details of Angela Jacobs are currently unavailable on the Internet. However, her age could have been anywhere between 40-50 years old.

She worked as an anchor/reporter in Tampa for over nine years. During her reporting years, she garnered two regional Emmy Awards. Jacobs enjoyed athletics, photography, beach vacations, and spending time with her family and her pet dog Minka.

She graduated from the University of South Carolina and then earned a Master’s degree from the University of Missouri. Throughout her career, she covered critical sporting events such as the Super Bowl and World Series, as well as hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Jacobs, along with the previous anchor Vanessa Echols and Alvarez, was a breast cancer survivor advocate, co-hosting “Hope and Healing,” It is a 30-minute show on WFTV in 2021 after publicly discussing her cancer struggle in 2020.

Was Angela Jacobs Married? Her Husband Details

Angela Jacobs was a happily married woman who adored her husband, as per the reports. However, she always kept her better half far from the media’s eye.

As the reporter was known for living a low-key life, many people wonder if she had children. In the years that followed, she made no public mention of her children or family.

She had covered up every aspect of her personal life, as she had done with her prior social media activities.

However, in the years that followed, there were no online stories regarding her marriage or her spouse.

Jacobs was specially reserved when it came to her personal life. Some people speculate about her lack of a husband and offspring.

Angela Jacobs Net Worth Explored

With years of a successful career, she has amassed an estimated net worth of $300,000. She never disclosed any information regarding her publicly accessible assets.

While covering UW football in Rose Bowls, Jacobs launched her career as a reporter and producer. In addition, she was also the head coach for the UW women’s Big Ten basketball team.

Later, she changed careers and began working as a sports anchor for an Orlando CBS affiliate. At the time, she covered the Orlando Magic, UCF, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

She undertook freelance work for national ABC News Radio while working for CMG’s Orlando-based radio assets. Followingly, Jacobs was an anchor/reporter for NEWS 96.5 and a sports personality on ESPN 580.

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