Cancer Causing Foods – These 9 Foods Can Increase Your Risk of Cancer – Yes, what you eat matters! In today’s article, we look at 9 foods that can cause cancer, or in other words, can increase your chances of cancer. Let’s take a look.

Cancer is a severe health condition that causes uncontrolled growth of cells. This extreme cell growth can start almost anywhere in the human body, which is made up of trillions of cells. Some of the risk factors of cancer disease include lifestyle habits – your diet. Yes, what you eat matters! In today’s article, we look at 9 foods that can cause cancer, or in other words, can increase your chances of cancer. Let’s take a look.

Say Not To These Cancer Causing Foods!

Since cancer can be life-threatening if not taken care of in the initial stages, it is highly recommended to everyone to take note of the below-mentioned 9 foods, that can increase a person’s chances of developing cancer.

White Flour

A very commonly used ingredient in most houses – white flour is a dangerous food item that can increase your chances of cancer. What makes this ingredient so dangerous? When white flour is made, it goes through certain processing in which a lot of chlorine gases are added to it. Apart from that, white flour is also high in glycemic index, which has the ability to cause a sudden spike in blood glucose and insulin levels.

Microwave Popcorn

Who doesn’t like popcorn? But did you know that when made in microwave oven popcorn bags, these healthy popcorns can become a house of PFOA, which is proven to be one of the major cancer-causing agents? Some of the cancers it can cause are – pancreatic cancer, kidney, liver, and bladder cancer.


Your liver is damaged when you drink an excessive amount of alcohol, which you already know. But did anyone ever tell you how consuming alcohol can cause cancer in the same organ? Excess consumption of alcohol can damage your liver, and kidneys and also increases the risk of cancer of the mouth, esophagus, liver, colon, and rectum.

Potato Chips

One of the favorite snack items, potato chips is also bad for your health. Know why? It is so because potato chips are packed with acrylamide, a carcinogenic chemical that is produced when an item like potato is cooked at a high temperature. This chemical increases the risk of cancer.

Smoked And Processed Meat

Avoid smoked and processed meat for your overall health. They are packed with nitrates and nitrites, which can effectively cause cancer. These are also rich in trans fats which leads to obesity, one of the risk factors for poor health and also cancer.


Sodas are never good for your health. They are packed with an excess amount of sugar that multiplies cancer cells and increases the risk.

Canned Foods

Bid adieus to canned foods, as they do more harm to your health than anything good. Canned foods are lined with the dangerous chemical BPA (bisphenol A), this chemical is a known hormone disrupter that is directly linked to cancer.

Picked Foods

So many of you are lovers of pickled food items, but did you know they are not great for your health? Yes, you heard that right, it has been found that pickling foods items such as carrots, cucumbers, etc can effectively increase the content of nitrates, salt, and artificial coloring of the particular food which is directly linked to digestive tract cancer that affects stomach and colon.

Farmed Salmon

Salmons are good, but are farmed salmons good too? Experts say farmed salmon are highly contaminated with carcinogenic chemicals which is a cancer-causing agents. Therefore, it is suggested that one should not consume farmed salmon more than once a month. Home page

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