Does Meg Lanning Have Partner Or Boyfriend? Meg Lanning keeps a lot of information about her relationships private. Meg Lanning, the captain of the women’s team, commands the group.

Does Meg Lanning Have Partner Or Boyfriend? Know Where Is She Going After Break

Lanning has proudly represented her country and competed successfully in five world championship campaigns. She and her team have one Women’s Cricket World Cup victory to their names.

Additionally, she has four ICC Women’s World Twenty20 titles. She has made her supporters and country extremely proud, both for herself and the government.


Does Meg Lanning Have Partner Or Boyfriend?


Meg Lanning is said to be single. According to¬†sources, she hasn’t been involved in the relationship.

Following Meg Lanning’s match with England, some people started to wonder if she might be a lesbian. Meg liked playing her game with the other cricketers, though.

Based on her small gestures and interactions with the other candidates, people assumed she liked one of the cricketers.

These are just false assumptions made by other people because even her social media accounts show that she is single and only focused on her career.

Meg Lanning And James Considine

Lanning and James Considine previously had an affair, but it is still unknown if he is her husband. James Considine and a few other international athletes were spotted with her on the red carpet.

As soon as James and Lanning’s red carpet photo surfaced online, there were immediate dating rumors.

Despite all the rumors, Lanning never acknowledged or specifically denied her connection in public. Furthermore, famous people are frequently seen traveling with other people.

They are given several tags about their sexuality as well because he doesn’t want to define their relationship. She must therefore remain single and focus on her career.

Meg Lanning: Where Is She Going After Break?

Meg Lanning will leave the Australian women’s cricket team permanently due to personal reasons.

The 30-year-old captain of the national team represented her country three days earlier at the Commonwealth Games, where she assisted in her team’s victory over India at Edgbaston by nine runs.

Due to a demanding cricket schedule, Lanning, who is currently ranked No. 2 in the world by the ICC, resigned as Victoria’s captain last month. However, he will now completely give up the sport.

She announced on Cricket Australia’s Twitter account that she had decided to step down after a busy couple of years so that she could focus on herself.

Her unexpected choice has put a stop to the plans she had made to represent Trent Rockets in The Hundred this year.

Meg Lanning’s Net Worth Details

The price tag on Meg Lanning ranges from $1 million to $5 million. She has a sizable fortune from playing cricket professionally.

She is a professional cricketer, so her income may fluctuate occasionally, but it always comes to at least $1 million per year.

An Australian cricketer currently makes an average salary of up to $94,000, according to sources.

In addition to playing cricket, Lanning earns money through sponsorships and brand endorsements.

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