How to get free delivery on Nando's & other money saving tricks at the chicken restaurant

How to get free delivery on Nando ‘s &amp.

Nando’s had to close its restaurant doors for the coronavirus lockdown, but the company has recently reopened 94 of its locations around the country. However, as the hospitality industry waits for further guidance from the government on when it’s safe to reopen for business, the chain is only open for takeaway and delivery. As fans of the chicken chain look to order their favourite dish online, MoneySavingExpert’s (MSE) team has revealed how they can save money with 10 nifty hacks.

MSE had previously shared advice on how customers could save a few pounds when heading to their local Nando’s – but it has now updated the clever hacks to reflect that you can now only order for delivery or collection. 

The hacks were shared in the latest weekly Money Tips email, which goes out to 14million subscribers every Wednesday. 

One top tip included how to get free delivery on your next order – so long as you’re not an existing Deliveroo customer. 

Creating an account and making your first order with the delivery app before 11.59pm on Thursday June 4 will entitle you to 30 days or 14 days free delivery on any order of £10 or more, which you can then use to get your chicken and chips.

Nando's money saving tips discounts

Nando’s customers can save up to £7.70 with the tips (Image: Getty)

Nando's discounts and voucher codes
How to get free delivery on Nando ‘s & amp;

MoneySavingExpert revealed the tips for saving money at Nando’s (Image: Getty)

Nando’s is only accepting orders online via its website or on Deliveroo, but either way, orders are placed through the Deliveroo system – so it makes sense to try the app first if you’re a newbie. 

However, proud owners of the Nando’s Card might be better off ordering directly through the chain’s website. 

The card earns customers a “chilli” reward point when they spend £7 or more, which can then be redeemed for rewards and free food. 

However, with restaurants closed and orders only available online, the rewards can’t currently be redeemed – but those all-important points can still be earned if you order on Nando’s’ website. 

Simply register the loyalty card with your account online and make your order through its website to gain more points – which you will be able to redeem once restaurants open back up for in-house dining. 

Nando’s has even said it is extending all rewards so that any freebies customers might have had during lockdown can be collected once they are allowed back into the restaurants.

MSE also revealed that opting for a sharing platter can save you money if you’re making a large order for multiple people.

Ordering the exact same food from the platter section of the menu could save up to £7.70 according to the money-saving pros.

For example, buying two whole chickens and five large sides would cost £51.40 as individual meals, but ordering the Family Platter instead would be just £43.70.

How to get free delivery on Nando 's & other money saving tricks at the chicken restaurant
How to get free delivery on Nando’s & other money saving tricks at the chicken restaurant

Nando’s can be ordered online through the website or Deliveroo app (Image: Getty)

The hacks also included a way to save money if there’s just two of you ordering the same sides.

Customers ordering fries for two people can also save 40p by buying just one portion in the large size – and they’ll even get more chips for less.

Two lots of regular fries would cost £5.20, while one portion of large fries is only £4.80 and contains more chips.

The team even weighed them to make sure they were right about the saving, and confirmed that the large fries are definitely more generous than two separate regular portions.

Nando 's delivery and takeaway money saving tips
How to get free delivery on Nando ‘s & other money saving tricks at the chicken restaurant

Nando’s reopened some of its restaurants for takeaway and delivery (Image: Getty)

One of the top tips also gave Nando’s fans the chance to save once they can go back and dine in the restaurants.

Spending around £1 now on a promotional pack of Walkers ‘Taste Icons’ Nando’s peri-peri chicken flavour crisps will give them a voucher for a free half chicken.

The voucher is valid on orders of £7 or more when dining in or for takeaway – but not delivery, meaning customers will have to wait to put it to good use.

However, while the promotional packs have an expiry date of September for the coupon, the deal has been extended due to the pandemic.

The vouchers on the crisp packets will be valid Sunday to Thursday until December 3 2020 – and you can even pick up a five-pack of the special flavour at the Co-op for just £1.

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