Guy Lafleur Illness Was Lung Cancer And Heart Issues which he suffered for over 2 years before his death.  let’s look at which health problem he died of!

Guy Lafleur Illness Was Lung Cancer And Heart Issues But Which Did He Die Of? Details To Know

Guy Lafleur, a Canadian ice hockey player, was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1988.

Having his name imprinted in the lists of one of the most prolific players of his generation, he captured five Stanley Cups. Likewise, he even became the first player in the NHL (National Hockey League) history to score 50 goals in six consecutive seasons and made 50 goals and 100 points in six consecutive seasons.

What’s more, Guy Lafluer, nicknamed “The Flower” was named one of the 100 greatest NHL players in history in 2017.

The 1951-born athlete Montreal Canadiens icon Guy Lafleur came to the headlines following his passing away news at the age of 70.


Guy Lafleur Illness Was Lung Cancer And Heart Issues – Details To Know

Guy Lafleur had suffered health problems in the latter stages of his life.

As most of his fans are aware that the former athlete had been battling lung cancer for more than two years. It happened in 2019 when a cancerous white spot was found on his right lung. And, after that, his fight with this fatal illness was on.

Just before being diagnosed with cancer, Guy Lafleur had a heart issue which got resolved after he underwent quadruple bypass heart surgery in September 2019.

According to SportsNet, Lafleur even underwent the first surgery to remove both the upper lobe of his lung and lymph nodes at Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM), the University of Montreal’s medical center. Even though he went through all those treatments and surgeries as required and medical personnel’s suggestions, his cancer was back and acted up again.

He and his family received the sad news in October 2020 and they even prepared for the necessary treatment.

Which Health Problem Did He die of? A look At How Guy Lafleur Died

The death of Guy Lafleur has explicitly linked with his cancer and is deemed as the main cause behind his passing, as per CBS Sports.

He suffered from other issues such as heart problems, and accidents, but, the recurrence of cancer affected his physical and mental health seriously.  And, after a long fight against lung cancer, Lafleur eventually succumbed to it thus resulting in his death.

Guy Lafleur’s Wife And Family

Guy Lafleur and his wife Lise Lafleur spent almost 50 years of wedded life together.

Having been married in 1973 and parenting two sons Mark and Martin, this prolific athlete is now survived by his wife and children.

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