How To Strengthen Yourself Mentally - What Should You Do When Faced With Health Problems?

How To Strengthen Yourself Mentally – What Should You Do When Faced With Health Problems? Not many people know what steps to take when sickness or disease struck unannounced, hence the purpose of this article. Stay tuned for the tips from personal experience.


“The great thing about the setbacks is that they show us our strengths.” ~ Robin S. Sharma

This year was the worst year of my life. Financial stress. Relationship problems. I’m away from my family because of a pandemic. I’m mentally confused. I thought I had hit the bottom. But the worst hasn’t come yet.

I’ve been ignoring health issues for years, and eventually dragged myself in for an ultrasound. I already knew I had uterine fibroids and had reserved an ultrasound to check it. But, as the sonographer explained, I now had myriad uterine fibroids. They took over my womb, and ultimately my life.

I remember starting to feel numb when she talked to me through my scan. I knew I had no other choice. I needed a hysterectomy, and I was afraid. I was worried about what this meant for my body and future, but I am also very worried about doctors and hospitals. I can imagine how I felt about the surgery.

Eric Thomas, one of my favorite motivational speakers, talks about how pressure creates diamonds. Just when you think you have enough pressure and you have everything you can tolerate, life heats up.I felt like I was on fire.

I knew that surgery was inevitable, so I had to get my mind right. I wasn’t aggressive last year, but I wanted to get diamonds out, so I had to be mentally and physically strong to get into surgery.

The Japanese call this kensho. This means finding positiveness in pain growth or life challenges. If you want to be a diamond or a stronger version of yourself from what you are facing, here are some strategies to help.


How To Strengthen Yourself Mentally – What Should You Do When Faced With Health Problems?


1. Make yourself feel everything. It is normal.

When dealing with health challenges, you probably filter by what you should do to strengthen yourself mentally

I should not feel anxious (anger, sadness).

I shouldn’t act so unreasonably.

You should think more positively.

I’m grateful that it’s not bad.

I need to keep myself together for the people around me.

The truth, however, is that you will feel all the emotions. You will also feel the symptoms of your body. It’s easy to get caught in pain because it’s hard to see the goodness of life until the pain stops.

Give yourself permission to feel everything. Of course you will feel angry if life is constantly knocking you down. In fact, some anger will probably help. It’s the fuel you need to get up and change things.

When I started crying in the theater before the surgery, I felt guilty and embarrassed. The nurse kept telling me it was perfectly normal. And what do you know?is Scary is completely normal Before surgery. Otherwise it would be strange.

Let me feel all the misery without feeling guilty. It is part of sadness and healing. You may take some time to mourn the loss of physical or way of life of something you imagined to have to change now. You may need to set aside a quiet time to check in yourself and feel whatever you are feeling. Sad what you need to let go.

But the way to make sure it doesn’t consume you is to make yourself feel better too. And it’s good that you want to blow up and grow in your heart.

I must have so many little things that you can thank about your life. You can enjoy a healthy diet and feel the sun on your skin. I find a lot of happiness in the cat’s funny antiques and hugs, so I always make sure I’m completely around him.

Small items don’t solve your big problem.. Believe me, I know how difficult it is to find a positive when anxiety takes over. No amount of care is taken to solve the misery of the health problems that lock you in your bed or home. Nor can you get rid of the physical pain you have to endure every day.

But the good can soften the bad and empower you to continue.

2. Build your spiritual strength.

You can choose how you will face this health problem, that’s how to strengthen yourself mentally.

You can disappoint yourself with it, or you can use it as an opportunity to become a stronger version of your own.

Surgery was inevitable. Anxiety was inevitable. The pain was inevitable. Nonetheless, I faced myself with all my might and promised that I wanted a better future.

Unfortunately, after a very difficult year, I found myself not in the right headspace for that. I had to start “brain training” in the same way I trained my body for big climbs and fitness events.

You can train your brain in a variety of ways. You can get support from the positive people in your life. You can get counseling. But you also need to be able to do it yourself every day.

One of the best ways to train your brain is to use social media and Google selectively.

If you google your health problem, you’ll find a positive story, but you’ll also find a lot of negative and horrifying information. In my case, surgery was inevitable and I knew the risks. Why am I unnecessarily worried about the consequences I couldn’t control?

Instead, I ignored the tendency to over-study everything and decided to read and see the positive story of one hysterectomy daily in preparation for surgery. That’s all I let myself see. This was one of the best things I did for mental health.

I also trained myself by going for a walk every day and listening to motivational videos and podcasts. This was a way to stay calm and connect with yourself and continue to build mental strength for surgery and recovery. On the day of surgery, I realized the benefits of this practice.

You have to find videos and speakers that speak to your soul, and everyone will be different. I like the tough love approach, and as I mentioned earlier, one of my favorite speakers is Eric Thomas.

Whenever you feel a wave of anxiety on the day of surgery, tell yourself that pressure produces diamonds. This idea empowered me and reminded me that this surgery was a gift I was giving myself so that I could have a better future.

3. Place one foot in front of the other.

To strengthen yourself mentally there may be days when it seems impossible to get out of bed. You will start to feel better and then you will feel sick. You will be overwhelmed and discouraged. No one is perfect, but even if you get frustrated, you can get better every day.

In the gym, you build up your strength with a gradual overload. This means doing a little more each time you train. When I teach clients, I teach them that small steps lead to great results. Consistency and patience are everything.

When I was recovering from surgery, I had to apply the same principles. First, I had to learn to sit. Then I was able to walk around my room. A few days later, I walked around my garden and eventually started walking down the road. Every day I literally took a few more steps. I was able to walk down the road to the bridge, where I arrived two weeks after surgery.

Before the surgery, I was hitting my personal best at the gym with big deadlifts, squats and presses. I know it will take a long time for me to regain that power, but I get there. Step by step, I build myself to be even stronger than before.


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In the process, I am patient, kind to myself, and give my body what it needs. One day I have to give up and sit in the sun with my cat. Because that’s all I can manage.

I know how difficult it is to deal with health challenges. From time to time, you have to make yourself cry and feel angry. Faced with setbacks, always keep in mind that this is your opportunity to be stronger and healthier than ever. Pressure produces diamonds and you are on your way to becoming the most beautiful gem.


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