Is Comedian Jimmy Tarbuck Still Alive & With Cancer Illness? Jimmy Tarbuck, whose full name is James Joseph Tarbuck, is a comedian, singer, actor, entertainer, and game show host from England. The health condition of Tarbuck is currently the concern of many people on the Internet. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer after his 80th birthday in February 2022. As he was surviving through it, he was again in the line of a probable melanoma cancer diagnosis. Regardless, Tarbuck is still alive.

Is Comedian Jimmy Tarbuck Still Alive & With Cancer Illness? Find Out His Health Update

Tarbuck had the cancerous mole in the diagnosis of melanoma removed from his back without delay, so things got better. He told Mirror that although he can’t say he doesn’t have cancer, the fact that it hasn’t spread yet is the best news he received from doctors post the operation. Tarbuck is currently cancer-free but continues to take medication for his prostate.

The comic maintains his positive attitude despite having battled cancer twice. He even claims to have danced out of the hospital following his operation.

To know more about the health condition of the TV personality Jimmy Tarbuck, keep reading.


Is Comedian Jimmy Tarbuck Still Alive & With Cancer Illness?

The veteran Liverpudlian comic Jimmy Tarbuck is alive. Do not follow any hoaxes or rumors, given the widespread news of Tarbuck suffering from fatal cancer. Regardless, the 82-year-old comedian survived two cancerous diseases and is recovering from them.

Following his 80th birthday in February 2020, Tarbuck disclosed he had prostate cancer in an episode of Good Morning Britain. Even more, he advocated for prostate cancer awareness and advised the male viewers to get their tests once they were over 50 in the show.

In addition, Tarbuck said that men could be reluctant to take the test provided the way prostate examination is done, but he advised everyone to put it off. He added that he had been taking pills and injections and would do so on an annual cycle in the show.

More recently, in January 2020, Tarbuck returned to the hospital to remove a malignant mole from his back, which was in line with his melanoma cancer diagnosis. The prompt removal of the cancerous mass lessened the spread and severity of what would have been melanoma. But, battling two cancers one after another was a hectic journey for the comedian.

Tarbuck has been the subject of Internet searches asking whether he is still alive because of cancer’s toll on an 80-year-old. He is indeed still alive.

Jimmy Tarbuck Illness and Health Update

The Winner Takes All game show host Tarbuck is free from his chronic illness and is on his recovery journey. He removed his cancerous mole, received medication and injection for his prostate cancer, and survived both deadly diseases.

After Tarbuck removed the mole on his back, he claimed he danced out of the hospital and even celebrated when his doctors told him he wouldn’t need to visit them for a whole year. In his account of his medical experience with the news magazine Mirror, Tarbuck revealed that having a large needle inserted into his stomach every day for a month during radiology appointments was one of the hardest things he had to endure during his treatment.

Tarbuck admitted that he would lie on the bed and daydream of a lovely glass of Chablis to distract himself from how nauseous it made him feel. In addition, he acknowledges his sense of humor helped him get through all his battles. He is glad that he experienced no significant adverse effects from his therapies.

Tarbuckis still receiving medications for his prostate cancer today, but we can say the veteran TV personality survived both cancers and is on his way to living a healthy aging life.

Jimmy Tarbuck’s Wife, Pauline Tarbuck, and Net Worth

The comedian has been married to his wife Pauline since 1959. The couple seems to have a wonderful marital life, given how they have been together for six decades.

Pauline and Jimmy have three children out of their marriage. Their first child Cheryl was born in 1960, followed by Liza, born in 1964, and James, born in 1968

Talking about the net worth of Jimmy Tarbuck, according to Celebrity Net Worth, he has amassed a net worth of $5 million. His wealth comes from his engagement on TV screens. He hosted quiz shows like Full Swing, Winner Takes All, and Tarby’s Frame Game. Furthermore, he starred in the TV series Tarbuck’s Luck and Told Tarby, Tarbuck and All That!, and hosted TV shows like Piccadilly, Live From Her Majesty’s, and Live from the Palladium.

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